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What the Democrats Will Scream Once Trump Wins the Re-Election

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Democratic apprehension is nearing its peak with election day less than two months away.

Trump supporters also remain anxious for a re-election for the President, because they know it will not be smooth sailing.

Assessing the present circumstances, Democrats will not take another Trump victory with grace.

3. Quick Poll Data

According to political analyst Sean Trende, the President has positive approval ratings in regards to the economy.

Polls reveal that President Trump is trusted more with the economy than Joe Biden, by a 52% to 44% difference.

In the states of Florida, Nevada and Arizona, Biden is struggling to grapple the Latino votes. It is critical that Biden does not create any reluctance in black voters.

A recent study conducted by Pew Research revealed that 53% of registered voters stated they will vote for Joe Biden and 45% of registered voters say they will vote for Donald Trump.

However, there are differences among the amount of support voters hold with their choice of Presidential candidate.

66% of voters stated they strongly support Trump, and just 46% of Biden supporters state they strongly support him.

This may be linked to the Democrats' settlement of choosing just any candidate to remove Trump from the White House.

5% of Biden supporters and 4% of Trump supporters state there is a chance they may change their mind on who they vote for.

2. Liberal Overreaction: Crying Wolf Prevails

The liberal activists are under the impression they’re in fear for their lives.

According to Representative Illhan Omar:

“The livelihoods of millions of black and brown people are quite literally at stake in this election.”

The tactic the Democrats seem to be instilling to their followers during this election is fear. 

If Trump sees four more years as President, Democrats will immediately blame the system, as they always do. They will call it another rigged election, such as the 2016 election, which has tirelessly been disproved.  

Among a poll of 1200 registered voters, 62% stated they expect violence from the left.

1. They Will Scream “Cheater”

Democrats can’t fathom losing elections fair and square.

America should begin preparation for much worse than what is presently occurring.

According to the aforementioned Pew Research study:

61% of Biden Voters

are more likely to express anger if Trump wins the re-election.

37% of Trump Supporters

stated they will feel angry if Biden wins the election.

In light of all this, it would be wise to anticipate more riots, street battles, social unrest, and liberal tears.

Democrats will blame a Trump re-election as failure and corruption upon America’s behalf.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.



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