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Trump's Impeachment Means Nothing, Here's Why

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

Nice try democrats, but he's still your President, no matter how much you kick & scream.

Sure, the Democrats somehow managed to impeach President Trump, but it's just a dramatic term for bringing the President to a trial in the Senate.

As a fellow red-blooded American patriot, it's my duty to explain to you what this fallacy means and why it doesn't mean anything.

What is Impeachment? 



It's simple; in this situation, the House of Representatives (HOR) brought charges in Congress against the President. The overwhelmingly Democratic HOR agreed to impeach Trump, which means that there is now the groundwork for a trial in the Senate against the President.

That's it.

All that's happened is the HOR agreed to put the President on trial in the Senate. 

What Are the Accusations Against the President?



President Trump is accused of two things:

  1. Pressuring the Ukranian President to dig up damaging information against Joe & Hunter Biden in exchange for military funding.

  2. Obstructing Congress by refusing to co-operate with the congressional inquiry. 

Do the Accusers Have any Evidence?


Nothing that will hold up in court. All they have is a rough transcript of a call that President Trump made to the Ukranian President where he is clearly stating no "quid pro quo", and a few hear-say testimonials.

That's it.

The Democrats are seriously grasping for straws here. 

What Happens Now?


The legal process is as follows:


  1. A trial is held in the Senate.

  2. After the trial, the Senate vote on whether or not to convict the President.

  3. If less than 2/3 of the Senate votes to convict, President Trump remains President.

  4. If more than 2/3 of the Senate votes to convict, Trump is removed from office. Mike Pence becomes President.


Does Any of this Really Mean Anything? 


 Of course not. There is no hard evidence against the President that will convince the Senate to remove him from Presidency.

Also, the Senate is mostly Republican, so... yeah. It's not getting past McConnell. 

Not to mention that the President clearly did nothing wrong. He is a fearless, hardened leader that has brought our country to new heights and improved the lives of millions of American people, as well as the economy.




What do you think about this circus? Should Pelosi be removed from her position?

Let me know in the comments!



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  • We the people… should demand that Pelosi’, Shifty and Nadler all be impeached! They are nothing but power grabbing politicians who have NOT done the job they were sent to Washington for. Keep America Great by removing these vicious spiteful people from office. They are destroying this great country!

    Mary Barrett on

  • Yes Pelosi and Nadlerand Shiff.Is there a way to do an executive order to get them out .I mean the past 3 years been ridiculous and needs to end now.

    Charles Calloway on

  • Kick her out!

    James Brewer on

  • Pelosi should be impeached!

    Regina Negri on

  • Do you think Nancy Pelosi BULLYING to President Trump?

    John Phillips on

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