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We Will Not Comply: How the Atilis Gym Stood Defiant Against COVID Tyranny - and Won

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The ongoing debate about insane COVID-19 restrictions, Constitutional rights, and whether the government even has the right to force us to adhere to mask mandates and vaccinations is hands-down the biggest topic in America right now.

And there’s one legendary business at the forefront of this battleground more than most other companies or individuals. It’s called Atilis Gym: an exercise facility in Bellmawr, New Jersey. These proud patriots are an inspiration for our rights and freedoms that we all need right now. 

Check out how the legendary owners of Atilis Gym are standing defiant against COVID tyranny, and winning:

The Background

It all started when the New Jersey government announced mask mandates for indoor businesses like public gyms. According to the mandates, patrons of such establishments have to wear masks to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

But Atilis Gym’s owners, including Ian Smith, decided not to enforce the mask mandate like many of their fellow businesses did. They were immediately hit with a warning that they would be fined $15,000 every day that their gym remained open and did not enforce the mask mandates.

The Battleground

Smith and his fellow co-owners decided not to kowtow to the government. Instead, they immediately began raising funds for legal defenses and decided to take the matter to court. This stood in stark contrast to most other businesses in New Jersey and beyond, and it was a major example of the power of the individual to stand up against potentially tyrannical overreaches.

Perhaps that’s why the New Jersey state government decided to try to make an example out of Atilis Gym. In short, the New Jersey state government seized Atilis Gym’s legal defense funds, which totaled over $170,000.

Despite those funds being earmarked for legal defense purposes, they were still taken illegally. Smith has said that this violates the constitutional rights of both himself and his fellow co-owners and Atilis Gym as an organization.

But even though this setback has been harsh, Atilis Gym and its co-owners continue to fight and have not yet surrendered.

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Which Side is Winning?

In our opinion, it’s Atilis Gym – and it’s not even close!

The New Jersey state government is a powerful group of people, but one gym has successfully resisted them and is still doing so despite not having the money to legally defend themselves.

Indeed, Smith has said that he and his fellow co-owners will continue to fundraise for defense money and keep going at the state government no matter what. Smith and the other co-owners hope to eventually see a judge who respects the laws of the Constitution and who will rule in their favor.

Which side will ultimately win? It’s tough to say. But we’d put our money down on the brave small business owners who are willing to lose it all to protect their constitutional rights. As COVID-19 restrictions fade, time is clearly on Atilis Gym’s side. Sooner or later, the New Jersey government will have to pay damages for the way they overstepped and tried – and failed! – to force Atilis Gym to cooperate.

We could all take a page out of the Atilis Gym’s story; standing up for our Constitutional rights, holding firm in our beliefs and putting it all on the line for the sake of America’s free future.

Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, we salute you.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld

Maine, USA

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