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US-Mexico Relations, New COVID-19 Data, Good News for Good Friday | President Trump White House Briefing | April 10, 2020

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Happy Good Friday from FamTeeWorld!

Today's COVID-19 White House Briefing was filled with hope, positivity, and a lot of Jesus. It's great to have a man in the White House that loves God.

Here's a summary of only the facts from President Trump's Coronavirus briefing.



"Today is Good Friday, and this Sunday millions of Christians celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At this holy time, we pray that god will heal the sick, comfort the heartbroken, and bless our heroes.”

  • The United States has had discussions with Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, other OPEC & OPEC+ nations about oil.
    • All OPEC Nations are agreeing to cut back on production to get rid of the tremendous supply. There is so much that ships are being used to store oil.
    • Mexico did not agree to cut back on production, so President Trump cut the following deal:

"Mexico will reduce oil output by 100,000 barrels per day. America will pick up the slack by cutting US output of oil barrels to 250,000 barrels per day. Mexico will reimburse the United States in some form in the future."

  • 27,000 Mexican soldiers are stationed at the US/Mexico border to stop people from entering the United States.

  • 168 miles of border wall has been built.

  • Experts are monitoring data from every affected part of the United States.

  • Seeing clear signs that the strategy is saving countless American lives; beds being used have been substantially reduced.

  • Detroit and New Orleans are beginning to stabilize. The Metro NYC area cases are flattening substantially.

  • Washington State is returning an Army Field Hospital.

  • Elective surgeries remains a choice between patients and doctors.

  • President Trump is expediting aide to American Farmers, using all tools at disposal to provide $16 billion of relief to American farmers, ranchers, and producers impacted.

"We must keep supply chains moving... We're going to help out our farmers."

Updates on the Medical Front

  • 47 emergency use authorizations for advancements and testing of ventilator designs as well as new PPE & experimental medicines.

  • 2 major shipments of Hydroxychloroquine has been sent to major cities.

  • All United States governors have all of the supplies they need and are in great shape for the surge that's coming.

Updates on Testing

  • 2 million+ tests have been completed in America, 100,000+ are being completed everyday.

  • Blood based tests are being brought to the market to determine which Americans already had the virus and have immunity.

  • MIC, CDC, & FDA are validating these antibody tests to ensure their accuracy. Once validated, tens of millions will be sent worldwide.

  • Thousands of ventilators are still being produced for immediate use as well as to build federal and state stockpiles. Surplus ventilators will be sold to other countries.

Updates on Economy

  • The past 4 active days on the stock market have seen the biggest market increase in 50 years.

"There's a pent up demand in the market."



  • For the first time, the USA is starting to level out similar to what happened in Italy last week.

  • A lot is driven by improvement in NYC due to the impact of citizens in NY, NJ, and CT doing their job.

  • Mortality in the United States is significantly less than other countries when the numbers are applied to the population.

  • As encouraging as these signs are, we have not reached the peak; We need to continue to follow the Presidential Guidelines.

  • We are learning from CA, WA, & OR on how to prevent the virus from spiking.


  • Although leveling off is happening, it is not the time to feel that since we've made an advance, we need to pull back. Keep following the mitigation guidelines.

  • He commended governors from central parts of the country who are committed to make sure that their states don't have spikes.


“On this good Friday, we remember those who lost their lives to the Coronavirus.”

  • The CDC is working on studying the racial disparity issue.

Updates on Testing & Supplies

  • The Coronavirus Task Force is working with the FDA to expand the ability of testing.

  • The federal government will have antibody test shortly to determine if Americans ever has COVID-19.

"All people who are working in food supply continue to have our gratitude."

Operation Air Bridge

  • 26 flights have been completed.

  • 4 flights schedules to arrive today.

  • 54 more flights are scheduled to bring in supplies from around the world.

Vice President Mike Pence also encouraged followers of faith to not congregate.

"Wherever two or more are gathered, Jesus is there also."

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Stay safe & follow the Presidential Guidelines!


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    • Thank you so much for the bullet points from the briefing. I have been searching all the news sites, right left and middle, for just this kind of rundown and have not had any success. Thank you Famtee!

      Charles Hay on

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