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Trump's Approval Rating Climbing Higher Daily

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

To say there was a lot of backlash in the beginning of the Trump presidency is a bit of an understatement. Millions of confused libtards and dems flocked to the streets and social feeds with their disapproval and "Not My President" BS.

But now, nearly 4 years into his presidency, the tides are beginning to change...

The amount of Americans who have a favorable view of 45 has significantly increased since his 2016 win, as seen in the chart below.



A different measurement, the president's job approval rating, has also been inching up in approval, matching the highest it has ever been.

It is not only left-leaning dems who are beginning to see the light, but also Republicans who weren't in favor of Trump. According to data from the Voter Study Group, 28% of Republican-leaning voters with an unfavorable view of Trump in 2016 now have a favorable view.

This aggregate data suggests the President has been gaining supporters from both sides of the political spectrum, and it's about damn time!

What do you think about this new data? Are dems really finally coming to their senses?

Let me know in the comments!

Together we can Keep America Great...


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  • Carly
    I was one who wasn’t fond of Trump at first. I won’t go into detail, but I must assure you and President Trump that he has got my vote for 2020. I love the way he goes at the Dems daily proving them wrong at every corner and the bombardment he gives them in return for their hate rhetoric . My family and I pray daily for this man for his protection and wisdom to continue serving our country with Great Pride. I am proud to wear the hat I bought for reelection. My wife worries a bit that I might get harmed wearing it but as a 70 year old ex Marine I still got guts left to still take care of myself. Be Blessed Carly TY

    Roger Belledin on

  • The dems piss me off i hope he Kicks the shit out of every body

    Larry Jones on

  • well the dems dont have any good sence to speak of.If they did they would get over being skirt hurt from 2016 and wake up and get honest

    william ellis on

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