Trump: "U.S. Is Talking to China, But Not Ready for Deal"

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Just last week, President Trump was quoted as saying that the United States is “doing very well with China, and talking!", but suggested that we aren't quite ready to sign any trade deals. 

He did vow that the U.S. is "poised for big growth" after said trade deal is said and done. He is in no rush, stating that China needs the trade agreement more than America does, and he's not wrong.





For the first time on-camera, Trump spoke of the trade negotiations alongside the situation in Hong Kong. He made it clear that a deal between the United States and China is more difficult due to the violent protests currently happening. 

He also called out some more fake news about the Commerce Department renewing Huawei Technologies Co.'s temporary general license to buy U.S. supplies. In the same interview, he was quoted as saying, “Huawei is a company that we may not do business with at all,” calling the Chinese company a “national security threat.”


What do you think about the China Trade War? Is Trump making the right moves?

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