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Trump To Sign Executive Order to Defer Student Loan Interest and Payments, Extend Unemployment, and Extend Eviction Moratorium

Posted by Greg Bender on

Today President Trump held a surprise press briefing and dropped some incredible updates on how he will continue to support the American people during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Economic Updates

  • Wants American to safely return to work & school

  • Trump administration created 1.8 million new jobs in July, adding to the 9.3 million since May

  • This has been the single greatest 3 month period of job creation in American history

Economic health is vital to public health. 

President Trump
  • In the last 3 months, Trump has added:
    • 623k new manufacturing jobs
    • 639k new construction jobs
    • More than half of the positions are full-time

  • Unemployment has fallen 30% since April

  • Jobs held by African Americans increased over 1 million over the past 3 months

  • The administration is working in good faith with Democrats to extend unemployment benefits and protections against evictions

Groundbreaking Executive Order

If Pelosi and Schumer don't come to an agreement on helping suffering Americans son, President Trump will sign an executive order to:

  • Defer payroll tax cuts retroactively from July until the end of the year; may be extended
  • Extend unemployment benefits until the end of the year
  • Defer student loan payments and forgive interest indefinitely
  • Extend eviction moratorium

This administration will govern by 2 rules; Buy American & Hire American

President Trump

Coronavirus Updates

  • Japan, Philippines, major parts of Europe, and Latin America are seeing huge surges

  • US seeing a steady decline in cases

  • American hospital admissions are 50% down

  • Southern states seeing improvements as well

  • Important to work together to protect the vulnerable, especially the elderly

  • 3 vaccine candidates have moved into Phase 3 trials.

  • Plasma treatments have continued to show excellent results

Massive Health Insurance Overhaul

  • In the next 2 weeks, President Trump is signing an executive order that would require all healthcare insurance providers to cover all Americans regardless of pre-existing conditions

  • This will be followed by a second executive order to lower drug prices.

  • Drug companies can not charge Americans more than they charge other countries for prescription drugs

  • This may cut prescription costs down by up to 70%

Thank you for reading, Patriot.

Tune in every week to get regular updates on President Trump's crusade to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!



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