Trump Supporters Kicked Out of Baltimore Orioles Game for Displaying Pro-Trump Banner

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

Those crazy, witch-hunting Dems are at it again...

Just last night, four Trump supporters were escorted by security from a Baltimore Oriole's game for displaying a 'Trump 2020' banner during the game.

After the banner was unveiled, the entire stadium started chanting, "Take It Down", and people began to act violently and throw objects at the Pro-Trumpers.

The banner was only up for a mere 10 minutes before police and stadium officials forced the Trump supporters to remove the banner, then forcefully removed them from the stadium.

According to the stadium's policies, no banners can be hung anywhere that would obstruct other fans' views of the game, but this was not the case, as shown below...



The identities of the four supporters were not released to the public for their own safety.

What do you think? Are the Dems really this desperate to silence us? Let me know in the comments!

Together, we can Keep America Great...


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  • Talk about taking away your freedom of speech. They should sue the stadium and the owners.

    Wendell Gibbs on

  • Kudos to those brave Deplorables!!! I’m glad to see that not all of us fall into the “silent” majority.

    Gary Gray on

  • Really believe these people have no idea about the real world.

    Greg Bland on

  • What else would you expect to happen in the RAT INFESTED CITY OF BALTIMORE . (. IM SURE CUMMINGS WAS ALL OVER THIS ) .

    John Bathgate sr on

  • I agree with the Stadium’s Policy, There right in removing the Banner, and removing the people involved. I’m a President Trump supporter 100%, but three is a time and place, not at a Ball Park.

    Fred D Verran on

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