Trump Signs Executive Order on Skills-Based Hiring

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Today, President Trump signed yet another Executive Order into law today, giving the American people more opportunities than ever before.

Here's a summary of this ground-breaking press briefing...


  • Added 2.5 million jobs last month

  • Retails sale surged up around 18% last month

  • Before the virus, America had the lowest African American, Hispanic American, & Asian American unemployment rates
    • Now there are over 160 million jobs
    • More than half of these jobs went to women 

  • Signing an executive order that directs the federal government to change expired degree-based hiring with skill-based hiring
    • Target is to not have the federal government focus on what school you attended, but the skills and talents you have to offer 
    • Focusing on merit 

  • Creating a massive advertising campaign and pilot programs 
    • Advertising Campaign:
      • Reskill, new trade, to secure a job give resources to get a positive outcome 
    • Pilot Programs: 
      • New ways to create a regime, allowing people to find job vacancies looking at skills, having employers looking at the unemployed focusing on skills  

  • The private sector is devoted to investing in the training and education of over 16 million students and workers 



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