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Trump's Remarks On Environmental Regulation Rollbacks | White House Press Briefing | Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Yesterday President Trump held a press briefing regarding important updates on environmental regulation rollbacks.

This briefing was an hour-long, so the team at FamTeeWorld sat through the entire speech to bring you an easy-to-read & understand article.


  • For every new 1 new environmental regulation made 2 were removed, as time went on 8 are now being removed while 1 new one is being made

  • The Historic Regulatory Relief is providing the regular American home an additional $3,100 a year and is predicted to increase

  • The previous administration added over 16,000 pages of regulations:
    • Says that is why we got nothing done
    • The pages added by the previous administration added an additional $2,300 annual taxes to the average American
    • These regulations affected the African-American community more than ever 
    • Trump removed 25,000 pages of regulations 

  • Economic Advisers will lower prices of new vehicles by $2,200 per vehicle up to $3,500 in the future 

  • The regulation cuts will also give delivery savings on broadcast internet services, some home energy bills, and lower gasoline prices 

  • Bringing back incandescent light bulbs

  • Stopped the abuse of the Clean Water Act seeing as the activists abused it by using it to halt construction sites 

  • Cutting the federal environment construction permitting timeline to a maximum of 2 years and less, in some cases 1 year 

  • Says vaccines and therapeutics are doing well and we will see a good outcome soon 

  • Trump and the administration has stopped over 740 actions which suspended regulations that would have slowed down the response of the Coronavirus 
    • Lifting restrictions on manufacturers 

  • Made telemedicine available to all American patients 

  • Ordered federal agencies to look for ways, health care reforms officially permanent 

  • Says our entire economy is going to be jeopardized by Biden’s plans to transform the future, including:
    • Says Biden and Sanders are proposing to open the Paris Climate Accord will cost America millions 
    • Proposed to enforce net zero emissions from all new homes and buildings 
    • Wants to eliminate carbon from the US energy industry 
    • Plans to destroy the suburbs, single-income households
    • Thinking of abolishing cash bail


Thank you for reading, #TRUMP2020!


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