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Trump Calls for 2 Checks to Be Sent to Americans; What You Need to Know

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President Trump announced that he proposes to not send one, but TWO checks to qualified American citizens to help with the current economic crisis.

Recently, the White House has decided to move forward with the Trump Administration's $1tr COVID-19 package.

The emergency package would send one direct cash payment round of $250 billion to Americans April 6th, and a second of the same amount May 18th.



  • Both payments would be determined by family income and size
  • The payments will be the same amount
  • Rent suspension may also be included in this proposal 



Providing Americans with a crutch is not the only part of the package. Included in this plan is a substantial economic infusion that will continue to prop up the economy and save businesses that would otherwise die out.

This package is much larger and timely than Obama's recession stimulus package. Under the Obama administration, Americans had to wait 14 months for recession help, whereas President Trump acted immediately.

The Senate also sent President Trump another bill on Wednesday that included:

  • A boost to unemployment insurance
  • 14 days of paid sick leave
  • Increased food assistance for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Free COVID-19 testing


President Trump signed it into law that same day. 


$50 billion dollars will be loaned to the airline industry due to the unforseen massive drop in reduced flights.

$150 billion will be loaned to other U.S. economic backbones via loan guarantees or secured lending, such as hotel & cruise ships industries.

$300 billion will be sent to aid small businesses where their revenues have come to a screeching halt due to social distancing & general public fear. These industries include bars & restaurants. 


Although this is needed, negotiations are still happening, and the final result will more than likely look different.

What do you think of President Trump's economic plans?

Let us know in the comments.



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  • Abolish IRS
    Abolish income tax
    Go back to a Gold standard

    andrew D'Agostino on

  • President Trump has stepped up to the plate to help the American citizens. ALL should be proud of this leadership and acknowledge his leadership. ALL should support his reelection for 4 more years. Proud to have you as President and God Bless you

    Diane Bowen on

  • Greatest president to ever serve this country, thanks for being so concerned about the people, you are doing a great job and you have my vote for the election. again thanks mr. trump.

    calvin d mire on

  • We appreciate all we can get. If our government has this kind of money, why not a 2/3 tax cut! I am afraid that with this, it will cause problems later. This is why conservatives dislike massive spending bills,, to share the wealth so to speak. NO RED FLAG LAWS, NO GUN LAWS. Legal gun owners obey the law, criminals do not, so you can make all the laws you want, it will have zero effect, except to lawful gun owners that already obey the laws! Ease the gun laws on short barreled rifles,AR pistols and suppressors! $10,000 is way to much for a suppressor, after the fees and license, then the cost of suppressor itself.

    Bryan Greenwood on

  • It is sad that senior citizens on social security will not get be receiving financial aid, the checks are only for the working class, Senior citizens have also been hurt by this virus, and ecomonitc hardship.

    Wm Bolt on

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