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Trump Adds $7.2b to Border Wall Construction

Posted by Dan Ja on

Just like all of his other campaign promises, President Trump is holding true to the construction of the border wall.

Although the ridiculous loony left is doing everything in their power to stop the wall from being built, our faithful President is persevering.

Today's article explains the new funding, the progress so far, and why we need to do everything we can to BUILD THAT WALL! 

The President Strategically Shifted Funds to Border Wall




The radical left news outlets are claiming that President Trump is allocating military funds to border wall construction. Although this is partially true, it's not the picture they're painting.

The useless Defense Department construction & counterdrug projects have been sucking up taxpayer's dollars and using them ineffectively; the President saw this and thought that our tax dollars would be better spent on the border.

This newly found funding will add an additional 880 miles of border wall as early as 2020.


How Far Along is the Border Wall?


As of today, 100 miles of border wall on the Southern United States border is fully operational, thanks to President Trump.

This is absolutely necessary, seeing as - believe it or not - most of the border wall is composed of old parts from crashed aircraft. To top it off, the structural integrity of the previous wall was close to nothing.

It looks like President Trump is well on his way to fulfilling his 450 miles of border wall by 2020 promise! 

Why Do We Need a Wall?



Since a lot of people rant and scream about the wall but don't really know why we actually really need it, I'll break down the top 3 reasons why we need a wall.

1. Saving Real American Lives
    • Every year, countless American men, women, and children are assaulted, robbed, raped, or killed by illegal immigrants.


    2. Capturing Potential Terrorists
      • Contrary to popular belief, terrorists don't fly right in to an American airport and plot. They are much more likely to fly to either Canada or Mexico and enter through the current weak border system.

      3. Walls Simply Work
        • It would be illogical to say that a wall would stop all illegal immigration; the point here is that it would cut it down significantly. Hey dems, why don't you try climbing up a massive steel wall made of material designed to capture & hold desert heat.


        What do you think of President Trump's wall progress?

        Let me know in the comments!


        P.S. Our "USA 45" Hat is the perfectly subtle way to show your support for President Trump, made right here in America.

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