The Real Reasons Why the Media is Demonizing Hydroxychloroquine

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In July, President Trump tweeted a viral video regarding Hydroxychloroquine and its success in treating COVID-19.

It was quickly taken down by the media.

According to guidelines, it was “false information”. The drug Hydroxychloroquine used in treatment of Malaria, and has also shown positive results when treating COVID-19 patients. 

Instead of immediately attacking the President, the Left should stop presupposing that everything he does is to work against them.

Any Excuse for a Scapegoat

Once Trump mentioned affirmations in the drug, the mainstream media blamed him for the death of a man who drank fish tank cleaner.

The media ran with the headlines that Trump was “wrong in so many ways” about Hydroxychloroquine.  

They claimed that even though studies showed success, there wasn't enough information to support the claim that the drug benefited patients with the disease.  

The Director of University of Washington’s Center for Informed Public stated, media has driven this line between the two different parties and has made the partisanship even worse.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, threatened doctors from prescribing the drug to patients.

More recently, Whitmer has changed her tune, and is now actually requesting that the government ship some to her state. 

According to doctors, there is a much smaller chance of Hydroxychloroquine being harmful than beneficial.

Despite the Negative Press, it’s Actually the Best

In April, a poll conducted of 2,171 doctors across the country rated Hydroxychloroquine as the best treatment for Coronavirus.

37% rated

 Hydroxychloroquine the most effective therapy for tackling COVID-19.

65% of stated

doctors would prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to a family member to treat or prevent COVID-19

A more recent study conducted since March, reveals effectiveness when prescribing Hydroxychloroquine to combat COVID-19. This is especially true during the early stages of the contagious disease.

The study revealed that 13% of patients who received the drug survived, compared to 26% of patients not given the drug, who died.

According to a professor of epidemiology at Yale University, Dr. Harvey Risch, 

Results may have varied in beginning studies due to Hydroxychloroquine being used too late during the disease, not because the drug lacks efficacy.

The World Health Organization resumed trials for Hydroxychloroquine after no evidence concluded an increased risk of death for COVID-19 patients.

Refusing to Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Leave it to the media to vilify the President, refusing to give him any credit for making the drug available for doctors to prescribe.   

Liberals also take this politicization as a dilemma, stating:

That the drug may become more difficult to get in the hands of patients suffering from lupus as a result of its prescribing for COVID-19.

The politicization of the drug was created by the mainstream media against the President, keeping partisanship interest in mind.

Detroit Hospital is conducting a randomized blind clinical trial to settle the questions at hand. If the results are later confirmed to be true, the questions of efficacy will be settled.

In the meantime, the Left is busy continuing the hysteria. Naturally, they want control- but what else should we expect at this stage? 

The Left is determined to portray Hydroxychloroquine as dangerous, solely because they can’t grapple with the thought of the President having the best interest for the country.  

Can’t say we’re surprised… Don’t forget to make your vote count on Election Day, and remember who’s truly been looking out for the health and safety of our country all along.  

 Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 


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