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The Impact Our Declaration of Independence Had On the World

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The Declaration of Independence is a critical document for American citizens, of course.

But it also had a major effect on the rest of the world, influencing political thought for generations to come and inspiring previously marginalized people to take control of their governments for the first time. 

Today, let’s break down the impact that our Declaration of Independence had on the world at large:

Monarchies – The Norm for Human History

Throughout the majority of human history, monarchy was the dominant political structure across the world. We humans are hierarchical creatures at our core; we tend to look for strong leaders we can trust so we don’t have to worry about the big problems.

However, monarchies inevitably become corrupt when those in power seek to gather more power for themselves and their cronies. Monarchies took many forms back then, including kingdoms, empires, and so on.

This resulted in most humans being unable to direct their own futures, let alone have a say in their government or its decisions. If the King wanted you to do something, you did it!

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The “Shot Heard Round the World”

America was different.

Although thinkers had toyed with democracy, republican government, and other liberal ideas throughout the Enlightenment, it was only when America declared its independence from Great Britain that a group of people truly decided to put the democratic experiment to the test. 

Prior to this, the only real example was the democracy of Athens, which was far from complete and which only allowed certain men to vote, not all of its citizens or people. 

America’s declaration was supposedly a “shot heard ‘round the world” because no other country had experimented with democracy in such a complete and dramatic way. Many rulers and even regular people of the time thought that democracy would never work – they believed normal citizens didn’t have the intelligence or wisdom to direct their lives or make good political decisions. 

Indeed, even many of America’s allies believed that the new country would eventually falter and fall back into empire. 

However, history proved those naysayers wrong. America has lasted ever since its inception, even through many wars and a bloody Civil War. It wasn’t until World War II that other nations really began taking America seriously, as the US had become the world’s dominant power in the wake of that terrible conflict.

The Modern Prevalence of Democracies

In the end, America showed many other countries and the citizens of those nations that democracy could work. It indirectly inspired all kinds of revolutions throughout the world, the most notable of which was the French Revolution (though this eventually led to a new kind of empire). 

But in the long run, America's Declaration of Independence had wide-ranging effects on the political makeup of most countries in the world. Today, democracy is the most prevalent type of government, although the specific rules for those governments vary from place to place.

America’s Declaration of Independence completely reshaped the political landscape for all time. We’re honored to be forerunners in the advancement of global improvement, and proud to be descendents of the true visionaries who knew there was a better way.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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