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The Hidden Communist Past of NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Posted by Justin on

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has sparked a lot of outrage recently, but many conservatives might not know why. Turns out, the supposedly “patriotic” Mayor has a past rife with Communist skeletons in the closet that many people are unaware of.

Today, let’s shine some light on that past so you understand fully where De Blasio’s political leanings originate… And so you know why you should vote against him next voting season if you live in the Big Apple:

3. His Political Organization

De Blasio’s political leanings began early in his life, as he was a big leftist political activist in his 20s. Specifically, De Blasio voiced support for the former communist government of Nicaragua under Sandinista.

The details of his activism are not fully known, but we do know that Mayor De Blasio tried to support the regime in any way that he could, parroting the supposed benefits of communism all the while.

Granted, De Blasio supposedly eventually came around and built up enough political support to be elected mayor of New York City: arguably the most capitalist city in the world. But there’s no denying that De Blasio’s youth was filled with questionable decisions.

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2. His Secret Trip to Cuba

Those decisions didn’t stop once De Blasio was in his 30s. Actually, De Blasio made a secret trip to Cuba in the 1990s with his wife. The pair wanted to vacation in the island nation, but it was still under blockade from the US due to its communist government and historical animosity with America.

To get around this, Mayor De Blasio and his wife flew to Cuba from Canada, as they could not fly to the country from the US. The fact that a mayor circumvented our laws in this way is certainly a bad sign, and it’s not something that his supporters want you to know!

Any mayor that tries to skirt the rules is unlikely to follow the rules that they themselves implement. It’s bad news for the people of New York City, in our eyes.

1. His Recent Quotes

That’s not all. De Blasio’s communist past may be rearing its head once again, as seen with recent quotes he made in 2020. Specifically, De Blasio made an appearance on WNYC radio and said that he was “tempted to borrow from Karl Marx” while debating the host.

In brief, De Blasio tried to use the father of communism himself, Karl Marx, to justify his political decisions and the way he would run New York City if he were elected (as he had not been elected quite yet at that point).

In holding this interview, De Blasio also revealed that he had read the Communist Manifesto, which once again outed himself as a probable communist sympathizer.

Let’s be frank; on first glance, Mayor De Blasio doesn't appear to be a cut-and-dry communist, as he would never be able to get elected if that was the case. That said, it's also clear that De Blasio has many communist sympathies and it’s a good idea to vote him out of office ASAP so he can’t do any more damage to NYC or implement horrible policies.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

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