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The 4 Worst Places to Be in Emergency Situations

Posted by Justin on

When disaster strikes, there’s no denying that some places are better than others. 

In fact, where you are at the beginning of an emergency can play a big role in determining whether you get out okay, or if you can grab your family and get to safety before things escalate. 

Let’s break down the four worst places to be in emergency situations, so you can get yourself out of those spots if you think a disaster is coming soon:

4. Cities

Naturally, big cities are bad places to be in any emergency situation. There are just too many people in metropolitan areas for them to ever be places of safety.

In a survival situation, you can bet that people will ultimately turn against anyone who isn’t part of their immediate group or family.

Furthermore, cities’ resources will quickly be stripped away by scavengers or hoarders.

All in all, it’s better to make for rural areas ASAP if an emergency situation comes knocking.

3. Freeways

Another bad place to be is the freeway. In an emergency situation, the first thing many people will do is jump on the freeway in an attempt to escape the cities.

At the best of times, freeways are packed with cars - but in an emergency, traffic will likely be gridlocked with everyone trying to travel in the same direction. 

All those people flooding the same crowded roads will cause a variety of hazards, including accidents and generally dangerous traffic.

If you can manage it, try to instead hit the backroads or other routes to your safety destination instead of relying on the freeway to get you where you need to go like you would normally.

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2. Airports

You’ll also want to avoid airports if at all possible. When an emergency is called, any currently operating airports will likely be shut down, making escape all but impossible for those currently inside.

Furthermore, airports could become major targets if the emergency is related to some kind of military action or attack. 

Even worse, airports are hubs for illnesses to spread from person-to-person. If the emergency in question is viral-based, odds are that airports will be among the worst places to stick around.

1. Coastlines in General

Lastly, it’ll also be a good idea to avoid coastlines in general in the event of an emergency situation. There are a few big reasons for this, most of which are repeated above. For example, many of the country’s biggest metropolitan areas are already centered on the coastlines, so they’re likely to be more populated and chaotic right off the bat. 

However, coastlines also don’t provide many ways to escape big crowds. You might think you can escape to the sea, but this will likely be impossible in a big emergency when everyone is out for themselves. 

You’ll likely have better odds heading to the heartlands and going inward toward the central states. This is also true since, if there is ever a foreign attack, it’ll likely be centered on the big coastal cities rather than America’s central areas.

Ultimately, it’ll take luck and skill to make it out of any big emergency situation. But, you can shift the odds in your favor right away by avoiding the above areas.

Be smart, be prepared, and keep safe... 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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