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Terminating the 1776 Commission: Biden's Attempt to Crush Youth Patriotism

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For many liberals, patriotism is anathema to their goals. After all, if America is doing fine, they can’t push their narratives about awful American projects or racism or whatever else they want to say that day. To that end, many liberals are trying to eliminate lessons about patriotism from the classroom. 

Before he left office, then-President Donald Trump tried to create a specialized commission to imbue our youth with patriotism and to ensure they knew the true history of America, with both its good and bad factors. Unfortunately, Biden has terminated the 1776 Commission in a blatant attempt to crush youth patriotism. 

Let’s break down exactly what happened and the background of the 1776 Commission so you’re aware of what administration is aiming to do in the classroom:

What Was the 1776 Commission?

The 1776 Commission was a specialized advisory committee founded by President Donald Trump during his last months in office. The commission was comprised of both historical experts and political scientists in an effort to push back against dangerous liberal commissions, including the 1619 Project. 

The 1619 Project asserted that American history really began in its titular year, with the beginning of the American slave trade. But this Project had a number of major problems, including ignoring the fact that slavery was a worldwide institution and not a uniquely American sin. 

In contrast, the 1776 Commission was designed to showcase patriotic and historically accurate views of our nation’s history to schoolchildren. By correcting the record in a public way, then President Trump hoped to prevent the spread of liberal dogma.

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What Did Biden Do?

Unfortunately, when he was elected president, Joe Biden terminated the 1776 Commission on January 20, 2021 within hours of taking office. With the dissolution of the 1776 Commission, its group of historians and political scientists were no longer able to counteract liberal ideologies and historically inaccurate messages. 

Instead, Biden seems bent on bowing to modern progressive schools of thought, including critical race theory and other illogical, destructive ideologies.

Does the 1776 Report Live On?

Fortunately, yes.  

While it is no longer a government-funded commission, the 1776 Commission is still headed by Matthew Spalding, the Executive Director of the Commission. In May 2021, he announced that it would resume its activities, albeit in a non-government capacity.

What does this mean? Essentially, it means that the 1776 Commission is still available to be read on the Internet and is still a valuable resource for teachers and parents looking to correct the record for their children if they are taught things like the 1619 Project and other liberal falsehoods at school. 

Furthermore, by presenting an alternative to the liberal version of history, the 1776 Commission hopes to publicly push back on misinformation and prevent Americans from starting to hate their country. With luck, and with the support of important politicians and regular folks just like you, the 1776 Commission will continue to operate for years to come.

Don’t let Biden have his day; Let’s keep the flame of patriotism alive in our younger generations by recommending the no-nonsense teachings of the 1776 Commission to families close to us. The next generation is the future of our country, and we can’t imagine how sideways things could get if patriotism fails to capture their imaginations.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin | FamTeeWorld

Maine, USA

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