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Today's Impeachment Trial Breakdown: President Trump's Defense Team Wiped the Floor with His Accusers

Posted by Dan J on

President Trump is NOT a man to be messed with, as he's proven to Soleimani and countless others over his presidency.

His Democratic accusers are the latest victims of his righteous rage, and rightfully so.

President Trump's defense team finally had the floor today, and they dominated the court room during their address and long after they left.

Here's a simple, need-to-know breakdown of what happened in today's impeachment trial proceedings:



  • 15 presentations were made in President Trump's defense.
    • (A presentation is when evidence is brought to the floor to prove the defendant innocent.)
  • 10 of these presentations were solely related to proving the President's innocence.

  • The remaining 5 presentations put the Democrats in their place, reminding them of the times that they were proven guilty of what they are accusing the President of.

“The case against President Obama would have been far stronger than the allegations against President Trump,” Eric Herschmann, one of the President's lawyers reminding the Democrats that Obama was found guilty of abuse of power.


  • Another Trump attorney, Pam Bondi, brought up that it was funny how there has not been an investigation into the Bidens for their corrupt Ukranian energy company deal.

    She was saying that the President was just doing his Presidential duty investigating crooked political and business deals, and now he's on trial for doing his job while the Bidens walk free without so much as a questioning.

  • Finally, the President's lead personal attorney ended the day with an atom bomb, pointing out the following:
    1. The FBI illegally obtained a warrant to surveil a former Trump campaign aide.
    2. James Comey illegally leaked memos to a New York Times reporter with the intention of launching the Mueller investigation.
    3. Mueller's team 'conveniently' lost messages between two anti-Trump FBI agents.

  • He ended with claiming that all of these factors should warrant the President's acquittal, and if not, it would be a sign that there is no longer any constitutional order in the United States.

    He ended with the following quote:

“Danger. Danger. Danger. To lower the bar of impeachment, based on these articles of impeachment, would impact the functioning of our constitutional republic and the framework of that Constitution for generations.”


After today, and after the Democrats failed to produce any evidence, this impeachment trial is a wash, as predicted.

How much longer will they drag this out?

Let me know in the comments!

God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump!


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  • I hope there is a Republican sweep this coming election! The Democrats told every American that they were going to impeach President Trump the day he was elected,which proves this impeachment is nothing more than a coup to replace a duly elected President. Shame on every Politician who voted to impeach!

    Billy on

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