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President Trump's ACTUAL Response to Coronavirus

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In light of Super Tuesday, it is my responsibility as a proud Trump Supporter to provide you with the truth of President Trump's stance & actions to the novel Coronavirus.

The Fake News outlets have been spewing out-of-context lies & deceitful half-truths in an effort to hurt President Trump's re-election campaign.

This article is a simple, factual breakdown of President Trump's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump Did Not Downplay the Dangers



President Trump's initial response and briefing has been wildly misinterpreted and picked apart to fit the Democratic party ideals.

As a matter of fact, one of his opening statements about the Coronavirus is as follows:

"Since the early stages of the foreign outbreak, my administration has taken the most aggressive action in modern history to confront the spread of this disease.  We moved very early."


Now Nany Pelosi, how is that downplaying at all? President Trump and his administration acted swiftly in response to a national threat.


President Trump Was Honest About the Threat


Now here's the part that Democrats are going crazy about. In another statement at the same briefing, President Trump stated that although Coronavirus is dangerous, it is only lethal to elderly & sickly people.

Here is what President Trump actually said, and it's quite reasonable:

"Additional cases in the United States are likely, but healthy individuals should be able to fully recover.  And we think that will be a statement that we can make with great surety now that we’ve gotten familiar with this problem.  They should be able to recover should they contract the virus.  So, healthy people, if you’re healthy, you will probably go through a process and you’ll be fine."

Being the responsible leader he is, he is not spreading hysteria, but rather the truth.

More Recently, President Trump Donated his Quarterly Salary to Battle Coronavirus


Now that the Department of Health & Human Services is dealing with Coronavirus, President Trump is staying true to his promise of donating his salary. This time, he has donated it to the HHS to respond to the Coronavirus.

The intention of this donation is to develop a cure or treatment more rapidly to dampen the effect of the virus.
What do you think of the President's Response?

How pathetic and desperate are the Democrats right now?

Let me know in the comments!


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  • President Trump has been truthful and factual.
    He is doing his utmost to keeping us safe and avoiding a panic. A panic is destructive!

    mary on

  • I recently contacted the White House about a matter. I tried to get a hold of the Heath and Human services here in Canton Tx. They do not list a phone number. I even tried going through the Police department and they couldn’t get a hold of them. That’s pretty sad. I even went through Google Maps. No way what so ever to contact them. Something needs to be done about this. I do not have insurance. I work at the Vanzandt Country Rest Area on Interstate 20 outside of Van Tx. A high risk facilty. I do not have 150 dollars to pay for walking through the door at a local Doctors office. Why isn’t there a way to be tested at the Health department or something else in place by the Government. I am a proud supporter of the Trump Administration. I wear my hat proudly.

    Richard L Ashcraft on

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