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President Trump's 5 Finest Moments of 2019

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

President Trump came into 2019 guns blazin', and is leaving it no different.

What a year it has been for good ol' 45. He's given all of these loony liberals and democrats a run for their money, and there's no way that he's leaving that oval office anytime soon.

Let's all band together as a red-blooded American family and end 2019 on a positive note, reflecting on some of President Trump's most monumental achievements of the year. 

5. He's Appointed Conservative Judges at Breakneck Speed 



Just a few days ago, the Senate just confirmed President Trump's 50th pick for the federal courts of appeal. This specific judiciary branch has the last word in over 60,000 cases per year, so this is no small feat.

In his three year Presidency, President Trump has already appointed five less circuit court judges than Obama had appointed over the span of his eight-year joke of a Presidential term.

Talk about getting things done! 

4. He Forced Mexico to Crack Down on Illegal Immigrants Due to His Tariff Threats 




For the first time in history, Mexico is enforcing its on immigration laws and border policies because of President Trump.

Since his strategic threat, the Mexican government has sent thousands of its National Guard Forces to the southern border in order to prevent caravans of Central Americans from entering Mexico, and eventually the United States.

To top it off, Congress is about to approve the U.S.-Mexico-Canada free-trade agreement as a direct result of the threat of tariffs. 

3. He Set North Korea & China Back Years by Withdrawing from the INF Treaty





If you don't know, the INF Treaty basically prevented the United States and a few other countries from making certain weapons, but not all countries. Some of the countries not on the treaty included China & North Korea.

President Trump only saw the treaty as a way for North Korea & China to advance their military power past the United States, (which is really all it was doing), and withdrew the United States from it. Now the only advantage that China & North Korea had over us is gone, thank God.

It takes a true American patriot to not only see this, but take massive action on it. Thank you for watching our backs Mr. Trump. 

2. He Tightened Up Requirements to Receive Food Stamps





There is absolutely no reason why any able-bodied American can not get a job in this economy; unemployment has hit all-time record lows under Trump's 2019 Presidency.

These new rules applied only to able-bodied & childless adults, which is how it should have been in the first place.

They may not see it now, but President Trump is teaching these now non-recipients a priceless life lesson; the value of a good hard day's work.


1. He Continued to Follow Through On Taking Care of the 'Forgotten Americans'





Since President Trump took office, 57% of Americans say they are better off financially since he took office. That's a huge number that can only come from a massively strong economy.

But that's not it; under Trump's 2019 Presidency, the United States has also experienced...

More job openings than unemployed workers to take the positions...

Rapidly raising wages, with low-wage workers seeing the fastest-growing pay raises...

Record low unemployment...

& so much more...




What do you think was President Trump's finest moment of 2019?

Did I miss something big?

Let me know in the comments!

Let's Make 2020 and the Next 4 Years GREAT! #TRUMP2020


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  • …from all of the above, one thing is clear, the president is true to himself – this is the most important thing.👍✊

    igor gliouglevitch on

  • the best president to ever walk the face of this planet!!!!!!

    Penny Davis on

  • Thank you President Trump for taking care of our Veterans

    Ruthie on

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