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President Trump: Where is He Now and What Are His 2024 Plans?

Posted by Justin on

Donald Trump is known, among many other things, for being very bold and direct about his intentions. Simply put, Trump isn’t subtle, which is why many of us love him!

However, he hasn’t been very frank about his plans for 2024, which is noticeably out of character. Why is this, and what is he up to now?

Let’s take a look at President Trump and break down whether he’s likely to make a bid for Presidency in 2024:

Another Presidential Run… Or Not?

At the moment, Trump isn't overly involved in politics. He has most of his time filled with running his various companies, answering questions, and being dragged to court because of perceived election scandals.

Aside from handling legal affairs and discussing continued examinations of the 2020 election results, Trump is likely spending some time resting up after his term as United States President, and the chaos that ensued afterward.

...But none of that answers the most pressing question of all: is Donald Trump planning another Presidential run?

Why is Trump Waiting on an Announcement?

For many Republicans and Trump supporters, it seems like a given that he’ll run in 2024 rather than letting another, potentially ineffective Republican take his place. But if that’s the case, why is he waiting to make his announcement?

Some speculate that he has withdrawn preliminary plans for a 2024 run in order to see what his possible competitors are up to.

Because Trump is such a major force within the Republican Party, any other contenders for the nomination in 2024 have to wait to see what he’ll do before cementing any of their own plans.

In effect, by playing the waiting game, Trump tilts the odds in his favor that he will have a successful nomination run in 2024. 

His lack of an announcement so far could just be part of a longer strategy designed to ensure that he gets the nomination.

Remember, Trump was guaranteed the Republican nomination for the 2020 election because he was already President. That will not be the case in 2024, so he’ll have to first win the nomination against fellow Republicans before he can take the fight to Joe Biden or any other Democratic sitting president/nominee.

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Will Trump Run for President in 2024?

That’s the million-dollar question. For now, Trump himself may be the only one who knows for sure whether he’ll run for president, and he isn’t telling… at least for the short term. That said, Trump has been openly critical of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his other policies.

Should Trump decide to make an announcement for a 2024 run, you can bet that he will do it toward the end of 2022, when he will have two years to prepare for the big campaign and a full year to prepare for the Republican convention.

In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see with the rest of the Republican Party how the upcoming political battle shapes up.

Between you and me, all signs point to a strategy being in the works. And we’ll be there to support our rightful POTUS when he shows his hand.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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