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President Trump Suspends Immigration & Other Coronavirus Updates

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The last few days have brought out major updates in the fight against the invisible enemy.

There's been a lot of fake news flying around as usual, so here's the facts straight from President Trump & Mike Pence.


President Trump temporarily suspends all immigration into the United States. We will report more on this as this story develops.


White House COVID-19 White Press Briefing Summary


  • President Trump is continuing to negotiate with Democrats to the country back to work and have small businesses taken care of. There might be an answer tomorrow.

  • 4.18 million Americans have been tested. This is more completed tests than France, UK, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, & Canada combines. Testing is still rapidly expanding.

  • Many governors are still relying on state labs instead of commercial laboratories for testing, which is slowing the process down.

  • The Federal Government is continuing to procure many swabs and tests.

"Nobody is close to us, no country is close to us”

  • President Trump is currently working with an American manufacturer to product 10 million swabs per month.

  • Oakridge National Laboratory to produce over 10 million collection tubes per week.

  • The United States is working with other countries to provide them with ventilators.

  • The number of new hospital admissions is significantly down. There has been a 50% decline over a 9 day period in the Metro NYC Area.

  • The CMS is finalizing guidelines for doctors and patients to resume elective surgeries.
"This is not about democrats or republicans… this is about a thing that hit our country the likes of which has never happened to us before.”
  • There are currently 10,000 ventilators in the federal reserve.

  • Project Air Bridge has had 64 completed flights carrying over 600 million pieces of PPE with 50 more flights scheduled in the near future.

  • Honeywell is hiring more than 1,000 Americans to produce 20 million masks per month.

  • America has acquired more masks in 6 weeks than America purchases in a year.


  • 764,000 Americans has tested positive, 41,000 Americans died, and 68,000 fully recovered.

  • The Metro NYC Area, Long Island, CT, NJ, and the Detroit Metro Area are all past their peak.

  • The New Orleans Metro Area is the most stable of all locations that had a major outbreak.

  • The Denver Metro Area is also stable.

  • Cases and hospitalizations in California & Washington remain low and steady.

  • Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia remain under close observation.

  • 5,528 military personnel are deployed across 24 hospitals.

  • 9,055 ventilators are currently on hand in the federal stockpile. 

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  • I absolutely support President Trump for suspending foreign immigration at this time. We need to focus on helping and supporting the American born people first and most of all! 🇺🇸

    Bill Bates

    Bill Bates on

  • God-bless America

    Randolph on

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