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President Trump Investigating China; Today's COVID-19 White House Briefing

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After a weekend of not many updates and liberals literally thinking President Trump told people to inject disinfectant, today we received a solid update.

As always, here's a short & to-the-point summary.


  • Cases in New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, & Houston are declining.

  • Denver, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, & St Louis are declining.

  • 11,000 extra hospital beds have been made.

  • The federal government has sent out over 10,000 ventilators to various states.

  • The United States has conducted more than 5.4 million tests, which is twice as much as any other country.
    • 50,000 tests are being completed daily, by the end of May is will be approximately 100,000 tests/day.
    • 5 million kits are being manufactured per week.

  • In May CVS will use their stores and drive-thrus for Coronavirus testing.

  • Professionals are providing the federal government guidance for testing as the government develops their plans for re-opening America.

  • The American government is investigating China for manufacturing Coronavirus as biological warfare.

  • He knows about Kim Jung-Un's health, but did not disclose.


  • State and local governments are joining with the federal government to accomplish more.

  • The following testing plans are being carried out:
    • Robust Diagnostic Testing Plans: Reassuring we can overcome our standard testing and communicate efficiently about clinical care and health decision making.
    • Timely Monitoring Systems: Help identify any new coming health concerns.
    • Rapid Response Programs: Create and carry out improved isolation strategies.

  • The three stages of re-opening are: 1. Launch 2. Scale 3. Support Re-Opening

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  • China needs to be invesagted fist they say vires than they call it a disease chemical warfare it sounds like it’s poison to me

    SUsan j dAtgis on

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