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President Trump COVID-19 Briefing From North Carolina | Monday, July 27, 2020

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Earlier today, President Trump held yet another Coronavirus press briefing today, this time from the great state of North Carolina; a spot where his next rally will be held.

The team at FamTeeWorld sat through the briefing to bring to you the important updates so you stay informed on the TRUTH.


  • In therapeutics, we are very advanced 
    • During the next 2 weeks, therapeutics will be discussed more often 
    • 140 clinical trials are underway for therapeutics 

  • This morning the Maderna Vaccine has officially entered phase 3 
    • Final stage before approval
    • Another 4 are expected to reach final trials 

  • In Texas, HHS has just signed a $265 million contract with Food You Fill Them Texas 

  • Issued a $1.95 billion agreement with Pfizer
    • The agreement with Visor includes a guarantee to deliver 100 billion doses shortly after the vaccine's approval

  • While operation Warp Speed is working hard to find a vaccine, they’re also directing a colossal industrial mobilization to ensure rapid delivery
  • The most promising vaccines are being mass-produced in advance because once Day 1 has passed of having it approved it can be given to everyone in need and the American people

  • The mortality rate for those over the age of 18 have decreased by 85% 
    • Still 25% lower than Europe

  • More than 22% of all deaths in USA were related to the Coronavirus and has now dropped by 7% 

  • Medicare and Medicaid Services have started distributing rapid care diagnostic testing to all of the nursing homes in the USA

  • The United States has distributed over 52 million tests 
    • More than all of Europe put together 2X

  • USA has distributed:
    • Over 100 million N95 Masks 
    • 35 million Surgical Masks 
    • 15 million Face Shields 

  • Over the weekend cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona held steady and is headed downward 




Question from the Press: “Is today’s event about giving Americans hope?”

President Trump: 

  • It is about giving hope, it is also about the progress of the vaccine and decline in cases across Florida, Texas, and Arizona

  • Before Trump left the White House and Oval Office, he had a meeting with their doctors, scientists, and others saying they are working hard and are making tremendous progress

  • Over the next couple of weeks, he will be hoping to say very good things regarding the vaccine

Question from the Press: “Earlier today you said the V shape recovery is showing signs of moderation. Do you think giving what we are seeing with the increase in cases that the recovery could be in jeopardy?”

President Trump: 

  • Believes the recoveries have been very strong

  • Set record job numbers

  • If therapeutics has a good outcome soon, which he believes will, then recovery will be amazing

  • Says the governors should be opening up states that aren’t opening 

Question from the Press: “What’s your plan going forward to prove to Americans that you’re the right person for the presidency?” 

President Trump: 

  • Leading in North Carolina, Penn., Arizona, and in Florida and Georgia 

  • “We get a lot of fake polls, just like we have fake news.” - Trump

  • Polls showing Trump is leading in almost every swing state
    • In other states by even more than he won in 2016 

  • Has improved all military groups and made a new group called Space Force



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