President Trump Calls Impeachment Panel 'Kangaroo Court'

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

Earlier today, President Trump stated that he would "love" the US/EU ambassador Gordon Sondland to testify before House impeachment lawmakers against him, and proceeded to label the panel as a "totally compromised kangaroo court". You can see proof of this in the tweet below:


According to Sondland's lawyer, the State Department barred Sondland from appearing before the House panel on Tuesday. His lawyer also stated that his client was "profoundly disappointed" that he was not able to testify.

A whistleblower claimed that Sondland played an important role that would support allegations against Trump for digging up dirt on his Democratic rival under the guise of foreign policy.

Is the House really grasping for straws this badly to not allow him to testify because of absurd allegations? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  • A total Kangaroo court.They just need to leave my President alone.

    Karen Moore on

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