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President Trump Calls for Federal Interest Rates at Zero or Lower

In a string of recent tweets, President Trump continued his criticism of the Federal Reserve for slowing the American economy due to their interest rates from the central bank. 




Although it is not exactly clear how the President will achieve this bold idea, the Treasury Department would more than likely have to be involved.

Theoretically, it would work great for the US government over years; cutting rates to zero or less would cheapen debt costs and coerce loan buyers to take loans from the government instead of private institutions.


What do you think of 45's idea? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Karen Finken

    And I forgot to mention, the grey haired older guy model is HOT!!

  • Karen Finken

    love the Tees but prefer the graphics on the back of the shirt. Any chance you could print some of those? My hubby would buy every one! BTW….thanks for your blogs !

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