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President Trump Briefs Country on Hurricane Isais, Coronavirus, Healthcare | Monday, August 3rd, 2020

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Everything you need to know.

As a part of our continued efforts to educated the American people on what's really happening in the land of the free, this article outlines President Trump's recent press briefing regarding Storm Isais, Coronavirus, & Healthcare.

Enjoy nothing but the facts, no fake news below.


  • Storm Isaias last week hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
  • Passed East of Florida 
  • Off the coast of South Carolina and hitting North Carolina later today  
  • During the next 7 days there is expected to be heavy wind and rain in the East Coast of the USA  


  • The number of positive cases in the US has declined by 6%
  • In the Southern US, numbers are beginning to decline
  • Arizona's weekly cases have dropped 37%
  • Texas dropped 18.7%
  • Florida has dropped by 21.2%
  • Beginning to see rises in the states Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Missouri
  • Says permanent lock down will not happen and inflicts more harm than good
  • Flareups are occurring now in Spain, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong
  • Continues to urge states to open schools
  • The Private Sector has delivered over:
    • 100 million N95 masks
    • 85 million gloves
    • 250 million face coverings
    • Distributed over 2,979 cases of Remdesivir (15,000 provided to people)
  • Urges Coronavirus survivors to donate plasma
  • The mortality rate has declined by 85% 
  • Made a $2.1 billion partnership to purchase and produce 100 million does of the vaccine
  • There are now two vaccines in the final stages


  • Sent $200 million to help health care providers expand Telehealth
  • 43% of all medicare primary care visits were done via Telemedicine in April
  • The executive order trump signed today will expand healthcare access to rural America
  • Alleged $165 million through the Cares Act will help 1,800 rural hospitals


Question: “Do you expect the Chinese company to pay the US Treasury directly or are you talking about other methods?”


  • The USA should get a large percentage of the price
  • Says Tik Tok is a big success and the US is mostly responsible for it due to the amount of people that use it here
  • Whatever the number is, it would come from the sale

Question from the Press: “Are you considering at any point issuing an executive order addressing mailing ballots?”


  • The small spaces using this method has been reported to be unorganized
    • Lost ballots
    • Letting the people vote twice was too difficult to handle
    • People can harvest
    • If you vote, the vote can count 7 days later
  • Doesn’t think the post office is prepared for this situation
  • Says if this goes through all of the states it’ll be an embarrassment to the country

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