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Our Top 5 Solar Powered Necessities for Emergency Preparedness

Posted by Justin on

Our reliance on a stable power grid has weakened us as a nation. If a foreign enemy somehow managed to wipe out our power grid, would you survive?  

I don’t know you, so I can’t answer that question... But I can help you increase your chances of making it to the other side with this emergency preparedness intel.  

It always pays to be prepared for an emergency, and nothing says "prepared" like having solar-powered tools and gadgets at your disposal. Solar-powered stuff is almost always better than others if you can help it, since you won't be reliant on fuel of any kind, save for the sun: the energy source that never runs out. 

Here’s how to keep the lights on in an emergency, when you harness the resource of solar power:

5. Solar Generator

First and foremost is a solar generator. That’s because you can use a solar generator to power the majority of your favorite devices and other machines. Think of it as a gadget you can use to power other gadgets – it’s a lot like a middleman for solar energy!

The great thing about solar generators is that you can leave them out with their solar panels and constantly have access to at least some electricity. The amount, of course, will vary from day-to-day based on sun exposure and cloud cover. But trust us – you'll want a solar-powered generator before you get anything else if you want to be prepared for any emergency.

4. Solar-Powered Batteries

Next up are solar-powered batteries. Like with a solar generator, these batteries can be utilized in a variety of devices and gadgets, ranging from tablets to flashlights to small appliances, and even to certain radios or TVs.

Solar-powered batteries can be recharged almost indefinitely, which makes them invaluable for surviving in an emergency situation where you may not have access to regular fuel sources like gasoline.

Some solar-powered batteries can be recharged using your solar generator, while others can soak up energy from the sun by attaching to small solar panels.

Our advice? Get some of both so you are always prepared.

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3. Solar Air Lantern

A solar air lantern is a peculiar gadget that inflates into a hollow cube or cylinder shape. It's an invaluable addition to any survival kit, as it deflates to pack almost flat.

They work by collecting solar energy on a flat panel on one of the sides, and when you're ready to use it, simply blow it up to create a glowing lantern. 

Once charged, the lights beneath that panel shine into the inflatable cube, producing a long-lasting lantern that's perfect for lighting your way in the dark or for illuminating spaces such as the interior  of your tent if you're camping out.

2. Solar Flashlight

Similarly, we'd recommend that you get a solar-powered flashlight whenever you can.

While a solar air lantern provides a lot of ambient but gentle light, a solar flashlight works just like a regular flashlight and absorbs solar power into its batteries. 

Solar flashlights are a little better for finding things in the dark or for navigating your way through unfamiliar territory while solar air lanterns are best for illuminating familiar places.

Both are necessary if you want to go camping for long stretches of time without relying on gasoline or other types of fuel.

1. Solar Cooker or Oven

Lastly, be sure to consider a solar cooker or oven.

Cookers are smaller versions of the same appliance, but both work with the same principle and use multiple walls made from high concentration mirrors that can focus solar energy into a small space.

Solar cookers and ovens can potentially make the space inside their cooking areas over 300°F! This allows you to cook without using propane, gasoline, or even a fire.

Talk about radical self-reliance and hot meals at the ready!

All in all, each of these solar-powered emergency preparedness gadgets is a must-have if you want to be prepared for any situation.

Power up with these sun-charged devices that’ll give you a survival edge.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA


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