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Opinion: I Used to Be Liberal... But Now I'm Voting for Trump

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When I received my undergraduate degree, I marched out of college ready and motivated to make change.  

College brought light to everything they say is wrong with America. Soon after, I realized college taught me what to think, not how to think.  

As a former liberal, I was taught about the victimization mindset.  

I will always remember an exercise in one of my classes relating to intersectionality. Students were instructed to line up at the same starting point, horizontally

The professor would say things such as;

If your parents have a college education, step forward... If you are a male, step forward... If you have a two-parent household, step forward... If you received free lunch in elementary school, step back... If your parents weren’t born in America, step back.”  

I look back and think how damaging this exercise can be.  

Usually, the results were that white men stepped further than the majority of the class. This exercise made me believe I was oppressed and not as capable of achieving what the white man can achieve.  

Due to innate factors I had no control over; such as being a woman, a minority, born into a lower working class family, and one whose parents didn't have an education... I was oppressed

I graduated college, started working a full time job, rented my own place, studied for my Masters, then moved away to the bay area because I knew opportunities were endless.  

I didn't feel oppressed. As I accomplished more and more of the goals I set for myself, I quickly began to wonder about the victimization mindset.   

It was perplexing that Republicans were so proud of America. How could they be so prideful in a country designed for certain people to fail?  

I became passionate about politics and researched constantly. Well, by research... I mean listen to mainstream media.  

I began to analyze debate tactics so I purposely submerged myself into The Rubin Report, The Daily Wire, and Jordan Peterson after listening to The Daily and watching The View. That was my turning point. 

I recognized that Liberals demand change on just about every policy, from the taxes one pays, to the restroom one gets to use. 

Amongst listening to conservative and libertarian viewpoints, I realized that a stark contrast in tactics of liberal debates consists of emotions and overgeneralizations.  

After researching the federal databases and looking at statistics, I felt I was at a dissonance. The data is not on the side of liberals. 

This year was my breaking point.

A party that states they are based on empathy- yet has no tolerance for anyone who does not think in the exact same way they do, and who refuses to have any civil discourse. 

A party that glorifies criminals and disregards accountability for situations they are in.. 

A party that refuses to support law enforcement who sacrifice their life on the line in the hopes to return to their family.

And a party that deliberately spreads lies with the agenda to gain back control.

...The list goes on. It became something I no longer desired association with.

The information is out there; yet the media disgustingly refuses to credit the President for his accomplishments and deliberately misconstrues verbiage.

I do not agree with or defend the President on everything he says or does. But, I am level-headed and will not be part of a party that represents pure lunacy. Just as I wouldn’t hire a plumber because he’s a nice guy but does a crappy job, I won’t vote for someone who has shown no claim to fame in over forty years.  

I would be a pure fool to back a party that tears down our police and brainwashes our children.   

Only I can make the necessary decisions to accomplish my goals and realize that I am in charge of my life, and only I can decide where I belong and what I am worth

I am now a registered Republican, and I encourage others to search outside of the mainstream media for their news, and talk to others who don’t hold the same views. 

I vote policy over personality. I feel proud to support the President and take pride in our land of opportunity 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 


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