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Monday, April 6th | President Trump's Coronavirus Briefing Summarized

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It was a tense weekend in America without much of an update, but President Trump and Vice President Pence broke the tension with hope & positivity with today's White House Briefing.

The briefing today was 2 hours (littered with rude reporters), so here's a breakdown of what really happened in today's COVID-19 White House Briefing.

"The next week, week and a half will be a big surge the professionals tell us, and I think we’re in good shape for it. Really good timing.”

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken into intensive care due to COVID-19 today. President Trump prays for the fast recovery of this great American ally.

  • Tremendous progress has been made on therapeutics.

  • 3,000 public health personnel has been deployed to the Metro New York area

  • New York & New Jersey governors have permission to use the USS Comfort to fight the virus.

  • All governors had a call today with President Trump, and all is well.

  • The Army Corps of Engineers are building 22 field hospitals and more alternative care sites in 18 states.

  • Thousands of ventilators are being built and thousands are in the federal stockpile "ready to roll".

  • Positive numbers are coming in showing fewer hospital visits, which means fewer ventilators are needed.

  • The Defense Production Act & 3M reached an amicable agreement for the delivery of 55.5 million high quality face masks each month.

  • Apple is producing plastic face shields at a rate of 1 million per week.

  • Salesforce has donated 38 million pieces of PPE

  • President Trump called frontline healthcare workers "Warriors".

"Resources from this national stockpile need to reach these warriors, and we’re making sure they do... If any state is having any difficulty securing supplies, we urge the National Guard to assist in the delivery.”

  • States with surplus supplies are working with the federal government to deploy surplus supplies to areas that currently have a greater need.

  • The current mitigation strategy is helping hospitals manage the influx of cases.

  • China has purchased $250 billion of goods from the United States. $40-50 billion of that was purchased from American farmers.

Update on Vaccine & Treatments 

  • Currently 10 different therapeutic agents are in active trials. Some are looking incredible, but there is a time consuming process.

  • Another 15 therapeutic agents are in plans for clinical trials.

  • A separate company has become an authorized vaccine candidate to begin clinical trials. 

Update on Testing 

  • The United States has now performed over 1.79 million COVID-19 tests


"We have more cases because we have done more testing”

  • Currently around 125,000 Americans are being tested everyday.

  • The United States has the most accurate tests.

Update on Economic Relief 

  • The stimulus package has resulted in 2 million American jobs being preserved.

  • Over 3,000 lenders are offering loans under this program, and more are signing up.

  • If this package runs out of funds, Trump will ask Congress to refill it immediately.

  • $100 billion is being distributed for direct support to hospitals.
    • The first $30 billion is being distributed this week.

“We have mobilized unbeatable strength of american determination, ingenuity, and compassion... We will win this battle, we will defeat this enemy, and we will rise from this present crisis with strength, unity, and resolve."


"We know we are at the beginning of a very tough week in America, but because the American people have been embracing social distancing, putting into practice the advice of state and local leaders, and the President's Coronavirus guidelines of our country, we are not only seeing remarkable progress in Washington state and California, we’re also beginning to see a leveling in other parts of the country.”

  • President Trump has approved 50 major disaster declarations.

  • $4.1 billion of economic relief has been distributed to states.

  • 21,000 National Guardsmen & women have been activated and working in states all across the country.

  • The focus remains on the NY Metro Area, NJ, LA, MI, & IL

  • 2,179 medical military personnel have been deployed to NYC and will rise to 3,000 deployed over the next few days.

  • Governor Murphy of NJ has temporarily reactivated retired healthcare personnel in his state.

  • New Jersey passed the number of lives lost on 9/11.

  • The federal government is currently tracking the Chicago, Boston, DC, & Baltimore Metro Area; Indianapolis; Denver; 2 regions of PA; Dallas; Houston

  • The CDC released a new website revealing surveillance data so the American public can track respiratory diseases across the United States.

"If the military is being deployed domestically, it is another reason for every American to be following these guidelines”

  • Governor Cuomo of NY has reported that the number of hospitalizations, Intensive Care admissions, and number of intubations over the last 3 days have started to level off.
    • These are the first things you see when you start to see a turnaround, and we got here through mitigation.

  • There is potential to be below the expected number of deaths if we continue to follow these guidelines. 



I'd like to end today's update with some hilarious quotes of President Trump telling reporters how it is:

  • “You’re just incapable of asking a question in a positive manner”

  • “I wish we had a fair media in this country, and we really don't”

  • “You're a third rate reporter and you should be disgraced. You will never make it.”

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God Bless America,


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