The 5 Most Corrupt Democrats in the Swamp

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Since the moment President Trump began his 2016 campaign, one of his main promises has been to “drain the swamp”.

A lot of patriots have a vague idea of what the swamp is, but the mainstream media distorts political figures of the swamp, confusing the general public of their true identity & intentions. 

As always, we’re here to pull back the curtains of the Mainstream Marxist Media to give you the TRUTH. This time, we’re going to tell you who exactly is part of the swamp and why they’ve earned the title of swamp monster.

Fair warning: Nancy Pelosi’s hairdo is larger than it appears.

5. Gavin Newsom

Governor of California, Gavin Newsom is part of the swamp due to various reasons. California has one of the highest living costs and sales tax. Newsom has repeatedly made one mistake after another in his policies with California.

For starters, Newsom is devoting $200 million of taxpayers money towards healthcare of illegal immigrants. He also announced giving $500 to illegal immigrants for the coronavirus relief efforts. This will make California the first state to give COVID-19 funds to illegal immigrants.

Newsom is also under fire for inconsistencies with data from COVID-19. California’s top public health official Dr. Angell resigned amidst the pushback and Newsom refuses to give any details.

  Outside the realm of COVID-19 response, Newsom’s policies pertaining to housing and homelessness are only worsening in California. Homelessness in California increased by 16.4%, more than the total national increase of every other state combined.”

California also has one of the worst traffic congestions, poverty, school performances, and air and water quality. On top of this, California makes up 12% of the population. The job growth in California is below the national average linking to the worst poverty rates according to the Census Bureau.

4. Nancy Pelosi

The next member of the swamp is House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, also known as the “mistress” of the Swamp.

In 2009, Pelosi allocated more than $800 billion for the Recovery and Reinvestment Act that produced few significant results. It was aimed to kick start the economy and save and create millions of jobs. Despite the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, unemployment still rose.

Pelosi also advocated for the Affordable Care Act, arguably the worst legislation with regards to healthcare. Just a reminder, millions of families incurred double the amount in premiums and deductibles.

  According to an economist Peter Ferrara, Obama-Pelosi policies created the slowest advancements since the Great Depression.”

Pelosi remains set on imposing a costly renewable-energy program and raising taxes on entrepreneurs just to fund more government involvement. If you want less freedom, elimination of private health insurance, higher taxes, and more government involvement, keep praising Pelosi.

Fortunately, it seems that many are done doing just that. According to polls, only 27% think Democrats should choose Pelosi as their leader again.

3 & 2. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio & NYC Governor Andrew Cuomo

The two-for-one Swamp Kings, the Mayor and the Governor of New York, Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo, pair up as a dodgy duo to claim the next two slots... Together, they’re some of the biggest members in the swamp.

Cuomo still manages to deflect the blame on President Trump instead of taking responsibility for his horrible response to COVID-19, blaming Trump’s “guidelines” for the 6,312 nursing home deaths.

  This was proven false. 

Pair Cuomo with Mayor De Blasio, and you have a recipe for disaster. De Blasio and Cuomo have a childish rivalry that aided in a third of the nation’s deaths by May 15 due to COVID-19.

Let’s not forget, Cuomo downplayed COVID-19 as well. On March 2, 2020 Cuomo stated:

  “We have the best health care system on the planet right here in New York. We don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.”

Cuomo shut down New York three days after California, on March 22nd. De Blasio supported the continued shut down for parades and fairs, but insisted that Black Lives Matter protests were “different.”

Even De Blasio’s own daughter was arrested while “peacefully” protesting.

Ironically, De Blasio was booed at George Floyd’s memorial. He also proposed defunding $1 billion dollars from NYPD and diverting it to “young people.”

  “Statistics from the New York police department reveal murder, burglary, and grand larceny auto crimes have increased since the protests. Thanks to the lack of support by the Mayor, there is a 19% increase in retirements by police officers in NYPD.”

1. Hillary Clinton

The Queen of the swamp is none other than Hilary Clinton.

Rapist Harvey Weinstein donated more to the Clinton Foundation than to any other politician at an amount of $1.4 million.

Clinton’s long time pal Sidney Blumenthal was on her payroll cashing in on a $10,000 monthly salary in return for unsolicited intelligence on Libya. Foreign money makes up the majority of funds poured into the Clinton Foundation..”

  “More than $40 million of the top donors to the foundation are from foreign countries. This is a tremendous red flag that reveals the Clintons in cahoots and doing favors with foreign governments.”

One of the many shady deals from Clinton involves the Uranium One deal, which resulted in Russia acquiring 20% of Uranium, a key component in nuclear weapons. The Department of Justice is actively looking into evidence of a criminal investigation that led them to the Clintons.

These members of the swamp that the media constantly praises hide a plethora of ulterior motives.

The mainstream media won’t touch on the carelessness these members of the swamp have for the working people.

Just take a look at the Democratic run cities and that alone should unmask a deeper truth.

Thank you for reading, Patriot.

Tune in every week to get regular updates on President Trump's crusade to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!



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