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Level Up Your Survival: 10 Unexpected Tips from Expert Preppers

Posted by Justin on

Prepping is a lifelong effort. It takes time and practice to become a half-decent prepper, and even more if you want to become an expert.

Rather than going through many of the basic tips you’ve probably heard before, we’ve compiled 10 unexpected & top-tier tips that even expert preppers would do well to heed:

10. Have Backups of Everything

Beginner preppers will often have one of everything, like one water treatment solution, one knife, one flashlight, and so on.

If you want to really be an expert, have backups of each major piece in your survival kit or stockpile, such as multiple knives, multiple water treatment solutions, and more.

9. Keep Tools Simple

Speaking of knives, keep any manual tools you plan to use as simple as possible. The more moving parts a tool has, the more likely it is to break.

Dedicated survival knives rather than multi-tools are preferred for this reason, for example.

8. Water Treatment is Better than Stockpiling

When it comes to prepping for water, prioritize water treatment solutions like chlorine tablets or hand pump filters rather than stockpiling freshwater.

Water takes up a lot of space and is often impossible to move in a hurry, so being able to treat water in your immediate area where the wilderness is better for long-term survival.

7. Learn Foraging Skills

Similarly, don’t count on your prepper bunker to last you through any real disaster that carries on for an extended period. You’ll need to know how to forage for food to survive.

This also frees you up from having to stay in the same area even if things become dangerous.

6. Get in Shape

No expert prepper will be able to survive a catastrophe if they aren’t in peak physical shape. You can’t be flabby and unfit if you want to be one of the few survivors in a big disaster.

Work out every day and at least improve your cardiovascular health, which will likely be more useful than big muscles.

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5. Wear Layers, Not Thick Clothes

If you live in a cool climate, pack multiple layers of clothing in your bug-out bag or survival kit. Layered clothing is better for keeping you warm (as the space between the layers gradually accrues pockets of warm air to keep you from freezing).

This option is also better for cooling off quickly so you can remove layers, compared to a single, thick jacket.

4. Consider Stashing Rare Metals

Cash will likely not be valuable in any world-ending catastrophe, so you might consider stashing rare metals like gold and silver if possible.

These materials might still be valuable even in a more basic society, both for their aesthetics and for their value for use in machines.

3. Mechanical Skills Are a Must

As you learn more skills in preparation for a disaster, prioritize mechanical skills.

In any future world where the SHTF, mechanical skills will be in high demand by other survival groups and will help you make the most of available resources, like broken down cars or radios.

2. Have a Bug-Out Bag in Each Home

If you have multiple properties, have a ready-to-go bug-out bag in each location, not just in your primary home.

That way, you’ll be able to get out of dodge quickly no matter where you happen to be.

1. Recruit Others

This last tip is particularly important. Even the most experienced survivalists won’t last for too long on their own. If you want to make sure that others in your community can band together and survive with you, you have to recruit others and teach them what you know.

There’s strength in numbers in any disaster. If you’re already an experienced prepper, consider sharing your skills with others for maximum benefit.

Level up your chance of survival with these innovative backup strategies, preparation measures and insider tips. They might just give you the edge you need to power through unscathed if push comes to shove!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

 Justin | FamTeeWorld

Maine, USA

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