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Is China or Russia a Bigger Threat to the United States?

Posted by Justin on

Should America fear these foreign foes?

There’s no denying that the 21st-century has brought a lot of enemies for the US to face. However, China and Russia are currently vying for the top spot as the US's arch-nemesis.

In the 1900s, we had Germany. But in the next century, will China or Russia become a bigger threat to the US overall?

Let's find out:

Chinese Economic Expansion

Certainly, China’s recent economic expansion is worrying from a global power perspective. For decades, the US has been the dominant economic force on the planet. This has been a good thing for millions of people (after all, capitalism is a great force for lifting people out of poverty!).

But China is not a capitalist country. In fact, it’s closer to a communist autocracy, though it’s not as communist as the USSR of old. In any case, China is rapidly growing in economic power and wealth. We’re already seeing this country spreading into Africa, emulating the colonialist empires of Britain and France in the 1800s.

As China gets more economic power, it may seek to challenge US dominance in the decades ahead.

Chinese Government Concerns

As touched on above, the Chinese government is essentially anti-capitalist. On top of that, it’s not democratic. Chinese citizens live in a surveillance state where they must constantly fear for their lives and must be very careful what they say.

That sort of hegemony is not what we want to spread around the world. In the Cold War, the US stood firm against communist dictatorships. We may be forced to do so again as China seeks to impose its ideology on the world at large.

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Russian Aggression

Of course, we can’t forget Russia. As evidenced in recent weeks, Russia’s historic aggression against other countries has not slowed down or ceased in the slightest. Russia invaded Ukraine without any provocation, causing the people there to erect a hasty defense.

While the war in Ukraine is currently going badly for Russia, the very fact that Russia invaded at all is troubling on many counts. Russian aggression led to a lot of close encounters with nuclear war during the Cold War, and we don’t want to see those types of tensions rise again.

But at the same time, the US can’t sit by and allow Russia to conquer smaller countries. In the years ahead, our leaders must be strong and willing to take bold stances for the sake of defending freedom.

The Old vs New Foe – Which is Worse?

Ultimately, the China versus Russia question is really a question of whether the new or old threat will be more important in a 21st-century. It may be both. For now, it appears as though China will be a more direct threat to the US and democracy in the long term. But Russia will make problems for us as well.

Hopefully, we’ll elect a strong, charismatic leader in the next presidential election and get our government back to doing what’s right for the American people and the world. 

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld

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