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Impeachment Update: Democrats Requested More Amendments, Fail

Posted by Dan J on

Today marked the end of week 2 of President Trump's impeachment trial, and just as expected, Mr. Trump will more than likely be acquitted of the bogus charges against him.

The Democrats keep trying to break the law to get their way, but are miserably failing.

What Happened Today in Trial?

The Democrats demanded the following 4 amendments to extend the trial:

  • Amendment to subpoena Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Blair and White House, OMB, DOD and State Department.

  • Amendment to Subpoena John Bolton.

  • Amendment to subpoena Bolton, provided further that there be one day for a deposition presided over by Chief Justice, and one day for live testimony before the Senate, both of must occur within 5 days of adoption of the underlying resolution.

  • Amendment to require the chief justice to rule on motions to subpoena witnesses and documents, and to rule on any assertion of privilege.

The amendments that were passed:

  • NONE.

 The Senate Republicans rejected all of these ridiculous demands, making for a short day in court, and all but confirmed the President's innocence. 

So, What Now?


  • Trial will break for the weekend and resume Monday morning for a four hour session of arguments.

  • After the childish fits end, senators will have the opportunity to speak on the floor about the charges.

  • Finally, the big day comes. On Wednesday, the Senate will return for a final vote on the articles of impeachment.


Well, that was quick.

How much tax dollars do you think the Democrats wasted by running this bogus and insulting trial?

Let me know in the comments!


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