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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: Friend or Foe?

Posted by Justin on

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been kicking up a lot of proverbial dust in recent weeks, namely through a somewhat public feud with Trump.

But before that all unfolded, he's been wholeheartedly living up to his campaign promise to Keep Florida Free.

Even though DeSantis has been a poster child for freedom by supporting open-carry legislation and banning vaccine passports, mask mandates and lockdowns in Florida; there's still some doubt about his intent among many Republicans.

In today's Patriot Press report, let's take a look at whether DeSantis is truly a Republican friend, or a snake in the grass:

Gerrymandering Leadership

DeSantis has most recently shown a lot of strong leadership regarding the subject of gerrymandering and district drawing for the state of Florida.

In a nutshell, gerrymandering and district drawing occurs every few years and it determines how votes are collected based on unique lines drawn within states.

The way the lines are drawn can influence how easy it is for one party or another to gain electoral votes during a Presidential election. Many political thinkers actually believe the practice of gerrymandering is toxic, but both sides do it.

Unfortunately, DeSantis is stuck in a prisoner’s dilemma – the Democrats oftentimes gerrymander states like California and more, making it almost impossible for the state to go red during a Presidential election.

Although it’s distasteful, DeSantis stepped up and helped to draw gerrymandering lines for Florida so they heavily benefited the Republican Party.

To many, this indicates that DeSantis is willing to do what has to be done for his party, even if it may not necessarily be healthy for the country at large.

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Feud with Trump

Perhaps more importantly, there’s a rumor that Gov. DeSantis is angling for a potential Republican nomination for the Presidential election of 2024. To do that, of course, he’ll have to contend with former President Trump.

This has resulted in something of a feud between the two Republican icons. Trump is still a bit sore over the 2020 election theft, but DeSantis is looking to present himself as a leader for Republicans and a potentially more mature counterpart to some of the candidates the Democrats may field in 2024 (as it is unlikely Joe Biden will run for reelection).

DeSantis has done this primarily by not agreeing with everything Trump says and by stating that he would not support a re-run for Trump, should the former President try to claim the Oval Office once more.

Presidential Ambitions

Opinions are mixed as to whether this move by DeSantis is healthy for the Republican Party overall.

Some believe that the party must present a strong, united front to any challengers, while others suggest that Trump was overall damaging for the Republican Party and DeSantis represents a chance to bring moderates or middle-ground voters into the fold.

So, Is DeSantis a Friend or Foe?

All in all, Gov. DeSantis can be relied on for one thing above all else: being a loyal Republican. This makes him a friend to other Republicans.

He's certainly made life in Florida the freest in the entire country, shunning insane lockdowns and mandates; causing a flood of new residents fleeing tyrannical states like New York and California. 

However, diehard Trump supporters may dislike DeSantis simply because he refuses to bend the knee to the former President. Time will tell whether this strategy works out or if DeSantis is unable to secure a Republican nomination for the 2024 Presidential race.

Let's support DeSantis in keeping Florida the land of the free! With his steady leadership and constitutional attitudes, hopefully the rest of the states will follow suit.

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld

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