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Firearm Home Defense: 5 Vital Strategies You Might Not Have Considered

Posted by Justin on

Simply owning a firearm ain't gonna cut it...

Every man of the house or king of his castle needs a firearm home defense plan. It's good to hope for the best but plan for the worst, but you need to know how to protect your family and use your self-defense weapons if the worst comes to pass.

Here are 5 strategies you can implement to protect what’s yours if anyone ever tries to break into your home:

5. Pick & Position Your Gear Carefully

Firstly, be sure you choose the right gear for the task, and ensure everything is within grabbing distance at a moment's notice.

Take note of which rooms you might be in if a home invasion occurs, and make sure the assailant won't come between you and your gear before you have a chance to grab it.

While it's important to secure your firearms in a gun safe, it's also critical to have a clear path leading to it that won't be intercepted if intruders enter your home through the front door or a window.

By choosing the right gear and storing it within reach, you’ll set yourself up for success and ensure every precious moment doesn't go to waste. 

That means carefully positioning items like:

  • At least one firearm, preferably with a red dot sight and mounted light for aiming assistance and illumination.
  • A secondary firearm for your spouse or other responsible adult to provide cover or protect youngsters.
  • Pepper spray or other self-defense tools that might come in handy stashed in the kitchen, loungeroom or hall cupboard.
  • A bug-out bag in case you and your family have to leave your home quickly.
  • A phone close at hand so someone can call the police immediately in the event of a break-in. 

4. Make a Task Plan for Each Family Member

Next, make sure that every member of your family knows what they should do by giving them specific tasks.

In the event of a home invasion, swift execution of your task plan will ensure everyone gets to safety quickly and the situation can be neutralized without incident. Run drills for these tasks so either your wife, housemates, or children don’t freeze up in a tense situation. 

Example task plans include:

  • Determine who’s responsible for calling the police, such as your wife or oldest child. Also designate someone as a backup in case the first person is unable to reach the phone safely.
  • Assign a central defender role to the person most experienced and confident with firearms. Their main job will be getting between the attacker and vulnerable family members to defend them.
  • Make sure each unarmed family member knows where to retreat to during a break-in or where to hide, and what cues they should listen for before opening the door. 
  • Give the oldest child a responsibility like gathering younger siblings to a safe place and keeping them calm and quiet.

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3. Agree On a Safe Room & Recon Spot

Unlike the movies, most homes don't come with a panic room - but there's surely a room in your house that's safer than others for your family to take cover in. Make sure each family member knows to head to this room in the event of a home invasion, as it will be easiest to defend your brood if they're all in the one place. Once you're all inside, you can safely wait for help to arrive. 

You should also determine an outside recon point where you can all meet up after an attacker has been taken care of, or if you need to escape several attackers at once. The garage, a neighbor's house, or some other room in your home with a lockable door are all great examples.

When deciding which will be the best safe room in your home, consider these features: 

  • A sturdy, lockable door.
  • Some heavy furniture for your family to hide behind.
  • Alternate escape routes like a window or an external door.
  • A hidden gun safe inside so one of your family members can cover the door with a weapon while calling the police. 

2. Create Codewords

In the middle of the night when light is dim, it can be tough to know who’s who. Safety comes first when a firearm is brought out, and even more so if there are two family members who are both armed and pumped with adrenaline. It's critical that the primary defender has a good line of communication with the rest of the family to avoid any close calls or friendly fire.

To that end, come up with codewords you and your family members know so you can identify each other quickly, especially if you're still looking for an attacker or intruder.

These code words can be used to:

  • Communicate without alerting the intruder to your whereabouts.
  • Let them overhear what you're doing next.
  • Warn the primary defender if other family members are moving about in the line of fire
  • Give directions to kids or unarmed family members to call the police, stay quiet, run somewhere, hide, or move to a different location.

1. Make It Second Nature

Last but not least, make sure to practice your home defense and/or escape plan with your family members over and over. When you actually put your plan into action, you'll be able to identify any weak points in your strategy and find new factors you didn't previously consider. 

To get everyone in your family properly prepared, run drills of your home defense plan at different times of day, with different scenarios. And the more surprising you can make the drills, the better... because if it happens in real life, it certainly won't be planned.

This repeated practice helps younger members get comfortable moving calmly to safety,  and defenders more skillful getting into position and carrying out different game plans. If the necessity ever arises, this practice is your best bet to ensure everyone on your home team knows exactly what to do while you neutralize the threat.

Ultimately, a solid firearm home defense plan is the only way your weapons will do you any good – and it’s the only way to guarantee your family will be safe, too.

While every home's defense strategy will look a little different, it's critical to create one that works for your house, family size, and different situations unique to your life. Take the time to plot out these time-sensitive scenarios and ensure you always have the upper hand.

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

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