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Explained: Trump’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech

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In true patriotic form, Trump refuses to back down with his political efforts. This determination to press on with the good fight is an attitude we can really get behind, but despite our support, he’s still got a long battle ahead of him.

Most recently, Trump has taken the fight to big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, who recently banned him from their platforms for alleged rule violations.

Not sure what Trump’s lawsuit is all about or whether he stands a chance of winning? Let us explain the details now:

The Lowdown

Let’s start with the background. Donald Trump was banned from a variety of social media platforms after the January 6 Capitol Riots. These included Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (which is actually owned by its broader parent company Google).

Since Trump (and many other politicians) have historically used these platforms for communicating with their followers, political fans, and other organizations, Trump took this to be a kind of censorship.

From Trump’s perspective, banning him from these platforms effectively resulted in silencing his ability to communicate with people over the Internet.

While Facebook and other companies are technically private organizations, they currently hold monopolies on many types of online or social media communication. Thus, the worthwhile competitors to turn to are few and far between.

The Lawsuit Details

At this time, Trump’s lawsuit is being filed by a company called America First Policy Institute. This nonprofit organization is also bringing Trump’s complaint into a broader, class-action lawsuit with a variety of other affected individuals, most of which are conservative or Republican politicians.

The class-action lawsuits, spearheaded by Trump’s new legal action, represent many people who have been allegedly unfairly censored by various social media platforms because of their content moderation rules.

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The lawsuits are specifically claiming that social media platforms unfairly leveraged their content moderation policies against Trump and people like him from the same political camp. The companies did not use their content moderation policies against people in the Democrat party or similar individuals, reflecting clear bias on the parts of moderators or even social media CEOs.

Trump is also suing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg specifically. While it’s unlikely that the lawsuits will gain much traction, it’s more likely that Trump is suing both of the CEOs to make a point. He’s trying to tell them that they aren’t untouchable.

What’s At Stake?

Ultimately, the lawsuits revolve around the First Amendment and freedom of speech in America. Technically speaking, the First Amendment only applies to protection from speech censorship on the part of the government.

For example, Federal and State governments are not allowed to censor individuals or prevent them from speaking their minds. They are also not allowed to stop individuals from collaborating or meeting for any purpose aside from reasons related to public safety (i.e. you can’t yell “fire” in a public theater).

However, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all private companies. They are not government organizations, so Trump’s lawsuits may not find much sympathy in the Supreme Court.

That being said, Trump does raise a valid point with his lawsuits, in that banning him and conservatives from social media platforms is effectively silencing them.

Because the companies have a monopoly on social media communication, regular capitalist competition cannot proceed. It may be that these lawsuits could lead to significant benefits for all Americans, as it may break up the monopolies of Twitter and Facebook in the end, even if Trump is not reinstated on those platforms.

With luck, we may have a more balanced, unbiased Internet in the future because of the discussions Trump’s lawsuit is inspiring. In the meantime, we’re backing his efforts for free speech and freedom in this country with our full patriotic support. Stay tuned for more news as the story unfolds... 

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

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