Decoding QAnon: What the Mainstream Media Doesn't Want You to Know

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The term “QAnon” has been circulating around the mainstream media recently, and with it a heavy dose of misinformation.

Don’t know what QAnon is?

Let us explain so you don’t get the wrong impression about these odd, but ultimately helpful, individuals.

QAnon – What Is It?

QAnon gets its name from “Q drops”, which movement members believe to be high-level information packets or posts from someone in the government at one of the top positions.

Some even believe it to be our President himself, trying to inform people about Democrat manipulation or attempts to undermine American democracy.  

Trump has even praised QAnon on live TV.

Regardless, QAnon is a movement comprised of conservative Americans who want our President to be re-elected, and who wish to spread the message of Democrat corruption far and wide.

 With something as serious as our government at stake, QAnon helps give thousands the tools they need to piece things together and figure out the lies the mainstream media tries to feed the public.

How Did QAnon Get Its Start?

 QAnon actually began as a movement related to “Pizzagate”, which was a conspiracy of high-ranking government officials and business owners who may have been engaged in child trafficking.

Remember, there’s been evidence for a long time that government officials and big business CEOs have been collaborating with operations like this – ever heard of Jeffrey Epstein? 

Many who are part of QAnon now come from that movement.

They’re against corruption in the government, are pro-family and pro-life, and want nothing more than for America to be great again.

 But the QAnon movement is about more than busting corrupt politicians.

It’s about helping Trump defeat those who would see him removed from power unjustly.

Is QAnon Crazy?

Every political movement – especially those that get their start on the internet! – is going to have bad apples or bad faith actors that make everyone involved look a bit wacky.

But the truth is, most QAnons are just faithful Republicans committed to getting Donald Trump re-elected this coming November.

There are some stranger elements spread around from folks who claim to be a part of QAnon.

These might include:

  • Conspiracies about aliens or magic
  • Conspiracies about devil worship in government agencies
  • Calls for violence at some pre-determined date

None of these are true facets of the QAnon movement.

In fact, QAnon is all about promoting Trump and the good he’s done for America in nonviolent ways.

They spend most of their time campaigning for Trump online or help trying to expose liberal conspiracies and lies.

Ultimately, QAnon is one of the stranger movements out there.

But it’s not the crazed, maniacal extremist group that the mainstream media would have you believe it is.

Instead, QAnon is an advocacy group that wants to throw the light on Democrat injustices, help put the world back the way it was, and finally stop the madness that has consumed all of 2020.

They’ll no doubt help us vote Trump back into office this November. We’re glad to have their support!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin, Author

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