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Constitutional Carry: Explained

Posted by Justin on

Constitutional Carry laws are supremely important in the ongoing debate over gun legislation and the right to bear arms in America.

In a nutshell, Constitutional Carry means that a state’s citizens have the right to carry firearms without any permit restrictions in place. Basically, it's a by-the-book reading and interpretation of the Second Amendment.

These laws allow Americans to own and bear arms in the way the Founding Fathers intended, and here we'll outline everything you need to know:

The Exact Definition of Constitutional Carry

At the time this is going to press, most states only allow some citizens in some circumstances to carry firearms. Other states adhere to the spirit and written law of the Constitution and have Constitutional Carry rules.

These laws mean you can carry a firearm provided that:

  • You are of the appropriate age to do so
  • You don’t break any laws with the firearm

Depending on your state, Constitutional Carry could be allowed for 18-year-olds, or may be restricted to 21 years or older. Some states also require you to carry your firearm with a concealed carry holster.

The primary focus is this:
You don’t need a permit to carry a firearm in a Constitutional Carry state.

That’s a major contrast between non-constitutional carry states, which require citizens to go through in-depth background checks and permit application processes.

So far, several dozen US states have successfully passed Constitutional Carry laws. These include:

Don’t forget that each state gets to set its own rules about what guns fall under the Constitutional Carry laws. For example, Tennessee only allows you to constitutionally carry handguns. Other guns like rifles, do require you to have a permit. Be sure to know the regs for your state.

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Benefits of Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry laws are very beneficial for several key benefits:

  • For one, law-abiding citizens can all get firearms without having to wait too long
  • Citizens who need firearms for self-defense can get them quickly without having to wait for months on end
  • Citizens of Constitutional Carry states can purchase firearms without having to spend extra money on permits

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Constitutional Carry vs. Permitless Carry

Constitutional Carry laws are very similar to permitless carry laws, though there are some differences to be aware of. Permitless carry laws may have additional qualifications in place before you can legally carry a firearm without a permit, so be sure to do your homework on allowances in your state.

For example, Tennessee requires you to have zero driving under the influence convictions over the last 10 years if you want to legally carry a gun. But overall, both sets of laws are far better than the laws of states that require permits.

Hopefully, the popularity of Constitutional Carry laws will lead to them spreading throughout the nation.

If you already live in a Constitutional Carry state, congrats! If not, be sure to campaign for the right politicians and never back down from fighting for your American rights...

Thanks for reading. Stay strong, patriots.

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