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Can We Trust the New Governor of Virginia?

Posted by Justin on

A Man for the People? 

The Democrats have lost a key state in Virginia now that the new governor, Glenn Youngkin, has taken power as of January 15th.

Still, after years of dishonest politicians and crazy political maneuvers, many Republicans aren’t sure whether we can trust this historic state’s new governor.

Youngkin came barreling out the gate on his first day in office, making headlines for removing a stack of tyrannical mandates imposed by his predecessor - but should we take that as proof he's one of the good guys?

On the surface, it looks like Governor Youngkin might just be the kind of Republican we need more of in our government. Now we just need to ask if his immediate actions were really intended to restore freedom, or are we looking at more controlled opposition in the form of a corrupt RINO getting ready to charge when least expected? 

Today we get to the bottom of things with our critical verdict based on what we've seen so far - so you can make an informed decision for yourself... 

Youngkin’s First Day

It seems as though things are looking up with Youngkin at the helm. On his first day as Governor, he signed 11 Executive Actions that focused heavily on giving the power back to the people of Virginia.

These follow through on his campaign promises to revitalize Virginia’s economy, restore basic freedoms and push back against toxic Democratic ideas like critical race theory.

Here's a rundown of the Executive Orders & Directives he unleashed on January 15th: 



Bans Critical Race Theory and other divisive rhetoric being taught in VA schools


Allows parents to decide whether or not their child wears a mask in school


Restores integrity and confidence in the Parole Board of Virginia


Launches a full investigation into sexual misconduct in Loudoun County Schools


Establishes new position to review Virginia DMV and VA Employment Commission


Removes many COVID-19 business regulations imposed by previous corrupt governor


Establishes a commission to prevent human trafficking and provide support to victims


Establishes a commission to combat antisemitism in the Commonwealth of Virginia


Re-evaluates Virginia's participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative



Establishes a commission to prevent human trafficking and provide support to victims


Rescinds vaccine mandates for all state employees

His Promises to Virginia

Youngkin campaigned on several key promises, and touched on them again during his acceptance speech. All in all, we feel they reflect a patriotic, mature and forward-thinking attitude we hope to see more of in politicians in the future.

For example, he stated that his goal was ultimately to bind “the wounds of division” sowed by toxic political attitudes over the last few years.

This indicates that Youngkin recognizes the United States as a whole is struggling to reclaim its autonomy and unity after the chaos of the last few years. Mass confusion, tyranny and lack of confidence have pitted Republicans and Democrats against each other, and we must be given our liberties back to bring back the America we remember.

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How Youngkin Won the Election

Youngkin had a phenomenal turnout for his election due to an aggressive campaigning strategy and several blunders on the part of the Democrats. For example, former governor McAuliffe talked endlessly about critical race theory and other educational or race concerns, none of which were things his state’s citizens were interested in.

Youngkin, meanwhile, mobilized voters by making key promises (as noted above) and by pointing out the inherent flaws of endlessly talking about race and critical race theory. He was especially hard on the Democratic stance on teaching CRT to children.

Because of these points, Youngkin was successful and ousted McAuliffe by a significant margin.

So, Can Youngkin Be Trusted?

At this point, it’s looking likely that Youngkin could indeed be a man for the people. While it's too soon to tell for sure, we're optimistic that he could be a powerful driver for much-needed change.

For now, he's taken aggressive steps to preserve the rights and liberties of Virginians, but he could certainly fight back harder to prevent insane mandates descending upon citizens in the future.

Youngkin even holds the potential to bring a bipartisan, unified state government to bear on Virginia’s problems, especially when it comes to high taxation and failing school grades across the state. 

Whether you voted for Youngkin or not, he’s now Virginia’s Governor – let’s support him and show him how much we agree with his idealistic goals!

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA

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