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Border Wall Construction Bypasses Laws, Sped Up

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President Trump is keeping good on his promise of hundreds of miles of border wall being erected by the end of 2020, ensuring security of the American people.

Due to the national security threat that the lack of border wall poses, the Trump Administration is waiving federal laws to hasten the construction of President's Trump border wall.



The 10 laws that were bypassed will allow for 177 miles of border wall to be built in TX, AZ, CA, & NM. All the laws prevented was squabbling among local contractors to protest who gets the job.

Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security secretary, overruled the laws, stating: 

“We hope that will accelerate some of the construction that’s going along the southwest border..."


Waiving these laws will allow for an additional 94 miles of border wall to be completed this year, which will allow for President Trump to fulfill his promise of 450 miles of wall built by the end of this term.




What do you think of this override?

Let me know in the comments!


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  • Build the damn wall by any means necessary. I and all true Americans hope after President Trump is re-elected hope he will keep his promise to drain the swamp. The whole damn swamp. Fire all Obama hold overs now. He will only have 4 more years to Keep America Great. Go Balls to the wall for us. Then please get his son or daughter to run for President and carry on what he has started. Thank God for All your hard work. Thank God for President Donald Trump.

    JOhn ROwland on

  • Get it done. Civil Sercice and Army reserves can build the wall,too.
    How many lives must by lost waiting for it to be done. Take all illegals and MS13 gang members an put them over Nancy and Chuck’s walls around there homes.

    JOhn ROwland on

  • I think it’s great. the previous administration had way to many regulations and non important laws.

    TOdd on

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