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Aside from Absolute Hell, What Would a Kamala Harris Presidency Look Like?

Posted by Justin on

With Biden seeming like he’s set to short-circuit at any moment, his handlers are expressing concern about his capability to continue. Naturally, many Americans are looking at who’s next in line for the POTUs title.

As the dazed and confused Biden becomes more incoherent and less cognizant every week, it’s unlikely that he’ll even make it long enough to run for reelection in 2024.

If he doesn’t make it to the 2024 Presidential election before being removed, it’s looking as though a likely possibility would be Kamala Harris being pushed through for the role: A terrifying concept for those of us in the know. As Biden’s VP, Harris is in a prime position to run as the Democratic candidate for President.

So what are we looking at here? She’s headstrong, obnoxious, and has a lot of ideas that may appeal to a Democratic base. Yikes!

While we’ve no doubt a Harris Presidency would be bad news for America, let’s speculate on some specific issues or developments she might push should she win the Oval Office:

4. Pro-life Policies Take a Back Seat

For starters, Harris would undoubtedly push for pro-life policies and fund Planned Parenthood facilities. This would make the pro-life fight even harder than it already is for Republicans.

She’s been an outspoken supporter of abortions in the past, and we don’t think this will change anytime soon since the Democrats have made abortion support a core part of their party platform.

3. Reparations for Slavery

More concerning is her stated support for so-called “reparations” for slavery. It’s unclear what she means by this, but there’s a possibility that she might increase taxes on certain groups of Americans to fund checks to African Americans who can prove that their ancestors were slaves here.

Needless to say, this would be a social disaster, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t push for it to be passed anyway!

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2. Higher Taxes

No doubt Harris, as a Democrat, would push for higher taxes, especially for private corporations.

Real patriots don’t want to see this in the future, but it’s unfortunately the one area we can say for sure will be a major part of her agenda.

1. Decriminalized Border Crossing

We’re also worried that a Harris Presidency might lead to decriminalized border crossing, including an increase in illegal immigrants.

Legal immigration is fine, but we don’t stand for people coming into America and taking resources from legitimate American citizens just because they can't be bothered to go through the process normally.

All in all, a Harris Presidency probably wouldn’t look too different from the current Biden administration. That said, we know that don’t want her elected when we could have a more reasonable Republican President in her stead. 

Get out and vote and be sure to talk to your neighbors about these important political issues. Our country depends on it, and it is up to us.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld
Maine, USA   


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