America Seeing a Steady Decline in COVID-19 Cases; Today's Coronavirus White House Press Briefing Summarized

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Coronavirus White House Press Briefing | 4/24/20


  • Cases in the Metro NYC Area has lowered 50% from 1 week ago, fatalities are down 40% from 1 week ago as well

  • 18 states have shown a decline over the last 7 days

  • Trump signed the Paycheck Protection Program and Healthcare Act  of $320 billion
    • $30 billion is reserved for small financial institutions
    • $75 billion to hospitals
    • 80 million workers have already received their payment

  • The federal government is sending ventilators to Mexico, Honduras, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, & Indonesia

  • The FDA has approved the first at-home COVID-19 testing kit


  • 220 countries have begun patient testing using their own tests

  • 72 therapeutic trials have begun in the USA

  • 211 other therapeutic trials are in progress


  • The governor of Tennessee has put up 20 testing sites and are testing 10,000 people per day, with 130,000 tests being completed so far

  • Massachusetts has been improving their testing sites

  • The federal government is continuing to watch Maryland closely for amount of cases and increasing the amount of testing sites

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