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A Silent Hero: 3 Extraordinary Accomplishments of VP Mike Pence

Posted by Justin on

Most of us already know about Mike Pence since he’s the Vice President of the United States, and because he represents a lot of great American values. 

But even before he was Donald Trump’s choice for Vice President, he accomplished several amazing things that solidified his place as a true American. 

Let’s break down the three best accomplishments of VP Mike Pence before he became Vice President:

3. He Hosted a Radio Talk Show

Did you know that Mike Pence was actually the host of a talk radio show from 1992 to 1999?

This is a lot harder than it sounds – after all, talk radio is a very competitive field and it takes a lot of charisma and dedication to succeed in that industry.

Yet Pence succeeded anyway with “The Mike Pence Show”, which is now a syndicated talk radio program on 18 stations in his home state of Indiana.

People still listen to reruns of that show to hear his sound advice and sage wisdom, especially in these complicated political times.

2. He Became Governor of Indiana

Speaking of Indiana, Pence eventually became governor of his home state in 2012. What’s notable about this is that he won the governorship through a grassroots track, gathering votes one-by-one without the use of heavy TV advertising.

He called it the “Big Red Truck Tour”, and he was able to get so many people to vote for him because he went out and shook hands in person, speaking to his constituents about the things that concerned them and using that information to tailor his platform to their interests.

In this way, Pence showed that he was a man dedicated to governing for the people, rather than being focused on abstract ideals or campaign promises he would never fulfill.

In fact, Pence’s governorship was one of the most successful in American history. We’d say that it was a shame that he didn’t stick around, but then we’d have to have someone else as our vice president!

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1. He Signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Lastly, Pence showed his support for religious freedom by signing the RFRA: a crucial act that prevented local governments from intervening when certain businesses turned away customers for religious reasons.

You’ve probably heard about the infamous "wedding cake" story where a gay couple demanded that a bakery make them a wedding cake. The owner refused to do so, citing his religious beliefs that marriage was a sacred ceremony between men and women. 

Mike Pence’s Act helped businesses secure their independence and rights to deny business to anyone: a key concern for any small business owner in America.

Although this has sparked some controversy, it’s a great Act in our opinion since it reinforces our dedication to religious freedom and sets a precedent for the future.

All in all, Mike Pence has had an astounding political career and we’re hoping to see him as Vice President again over the next four years.

Who knows? Maybe after Donald Trump’s second term, he’ll run for President himself! That’s certainly an administration we could get behind!

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.

Justin | FamTeeWorld 
Maine, USA 

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