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8 Small Things That Make a Big Difference if the SHTF in 2022

Posted by Justin on

You'll Thank Me Later

When sh*t hits the fan, it’ll be all too easy to focus exclusively on the major things that matter: firearms, emergency supplies like food and water, and a safe place to stay out of the elements.

But while it’s important to get the big things down STAT, you should also consider 8 small things that could make a big difference if SHTF when putting together your survival kit:

8. Toothpaste

First up is toothpaste. Toothpaste is no joke – without it, your teeth may quickly degrade, and you could end up with a cavity or tooth infection. Left unchecked, and if a dentist isn’t available to take a look, you could face even worse problems like sepsis if the infection spreads.

7. Soap

Soap helps keep your body odor-free and can be used to clean any wounds, preventing infection. Plus, can you imagine surviving with your family for weeks or months when you all smell like… well… sh*t!?

6. Commode

Speaking of, a commode (or makeshift toilet) is a very necessary thing to think about in a SHTF situation. You can make a commode out of practically anything; a plastic bag-lined bucket with a pool noodle on the rim for padding works well. Whatever you do, just make sure you and your family have a place to “go” while hiding out or surviving. Things will get smelly and unsanitary really fast otherwise.

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5. A Way to Clean Your Laundry

Sanitation, as you see, is very important. So you need to have a way to clean your laundry, even if it’s with basic water, at your survival station.

A stream with flowing water is best, but you can also use any water you haven’t reserved for drinking to clean your laundry. Add baking soda to the mix and you’ll have a basic detergent without having to risk a scavenging trip to the nearest grocery store (which has probably already been cleaned out if SHTF…).

4. A Way to Sanitize Dishes & Utensils

Similarly, be sure you reserve some soap or at least a cleaning basin to sanitize your dishes and utensils in rain water. Germs can quickly spread on used dishes and utensils, and you don’t want to ingest those germs when medical attention may be some weeks or months away.

3. Cash in Small Bills

When SHTF, the big banks will surely fail. But that doesn't mean the American dollar will collapse outright. It does mean that your debit card will probably be useless. With that in mind, reserve some of your savings in small bills so you can trade with other like-minded Americans in the worst-case scenarios.

2. Waterproof Watch

A waterproof watch will go a long way toward helping you keep track of time as the seasons change and may help you rendezvous with other prep-specialists, even if you have to retreat into bush country to survive.

1. Binoculars

Lastly, be sure to invest in a solid pair of binoculars. These handy tools can help you scout the land and spot other people from afar before they see you.

Every man’s survival kit will be different. But be sure to keep these 8 major things in mind when putting together your survival shelter or bug-out bag – you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

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