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5 Ways to Sharpen Your Shooting Skills

Posted by Justin on

Shooting, like all major skills, takes a lot of time to master.

But many folks, either because they want to get better at defending themselves or simply so they can join up with their hunting buddies, want to sharpen their shooting skills quickly.

Whatever the case, honing your skills will make you more confident, safe, and proficient at handling and firing your weapon.

Follow the below five tips and you’ll see rapid progress:

5. Shoot with the Same Gun, Every Time

The first thing to keep in mind is consistency. Try to take the exact same gun with the exact same loadout to the shooting range every single time. This will prevent you from having to get used to a new firearm each time you reach the range, which takes more time out of your shooting practice schedule. 

You’ll have plenty of time to become proficient with different guns after you master accurate shooting with one.

4. Get a Teacher

There’s no replacement for a solid teacher who can instruct you as to important gun safety rules and show you how to hold your body, handle your weapon, and breathe effectively. There’s a lot more to shooting accurately than just pointing and pulling the trigger. 

A teacher can inform you about all the subtle elements that go into shooting as an art. There’s also nothing better than a real person teaching you at the gun range as opposed to watching YouTube videos or reading online guides.

Even this guide is only a small help compared to the raw experience you’ll get from shooting with a teacher by your side.  Look into hiring a professional instructor or ask your skilled friends to teach you how they shoot instead.

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3. Practice the Basics First

No matter what kind of shooting you want to master, it’s important to remember that you need to get the basics down before you practice advanced marksmanship techniques. For instance, you won’t be able to hit a bull’s-eye 500 yards away without knowing how to fire a handgun or basic rifle and hit a target 100 yards out. 

Don’t get discouraged. The more you master the basics, the easier the more advanced, impressive sharpshooting techniques will come to you later down the road.

2. Practice Breathing Before Pulling the Trigger

Beyond learning how to pull the trigger and stand, you need to know how to breathe before and after your shot. Breathing affects everything about your accuracy, from the sway of your weapon to when you pull the trigger to whether you flinch as the bullet emerges from the barrel. 

Learning how to breathe calmly and consistently is key if you want to become a master marksman and sharpen your shooting skills quickly. Your teacher, should you have one, will say the same thing.

1. Run Drills Every Day

Lastly, let’s touch on consistency one more time. Try to run shooting practice drills every single day. The more you practice, the more you learn and the faster you’ll be able to accelerate your training to focus on advanced techniques. 

There’s an old saying that it takes about 10,000 hours’ worth of practice in order to become a master at anything. Log a few hours each day and you’ll quickly see huge results in terms of your overall accuracy, comfort around guns, and even how quickly you learn new tricks.

If you plan on improving your skills, aim, or reaction time when shooting, it’s definitely worth investing some energy into these key points for measurable success.  

You never know when you might need to use your weapon, so ensure that if the time ever comes that you need to fire fast and steady, you’re well prepared.  

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots. 

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