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5 Ways to Hang Onto Your Rights in 2022

Posted by Justin on

Don't Back Down in 2022

If 2020 was a sucker punch to the gut and 2021 was a kick in the teeth... Then 2022 is shaping up to be an all-out brawl for our God-given rights and liberties.

Those who hold political and corporate power will do everything they can to shatter the American spirit in the coming year, so we must ready ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually for the battle that lies ahead.

Prepare yourself for the coming adversity with these 5 Ways to Hang Onto Your Rights in 2022, and share this with fellow patriots who want to understand what's really going on:

5. Read About Incoming Political Decisions

For starters, make sure that you are fully aware and educated about changes to your rights or freedoms. That means reading any bills or laws that pass at the state or federal level.

Don't be caught off guard, and don't be an uneducated person screaming into the digital void – always know what you're talking about and what your rights are, especially if you are ever detained by a police officer.

4. Campaign for Local Politicians

Next, you can do your civic duty and your part for democracy by campaigning for local politicians you believe in. Figure out who is running for City Council, Mayor, Governor, and State Senator or Representative - then support them by campaigning or volunteering at their organizational rallies.

Lots of Americans get caught up in a trap by thinking that the Presidential election is the only one that matters... But the President doesn’t make laws; our congresspeople do.  

3. Vote!

Naturally, you also need to vote for the politicians you believe in if you want them to make a difference! To that end, be sure to vote in every election you can, whether it’s for a single City Council seat or it’s for the President of the United States himself.

Voting is the major way you can make sure your voice is heard. Don’t ignore this freedom that many other countries still lack!

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2. Remain Calm

If an election doesn’t go your way or if you disagree with someone on the other side of the political aisle, remain calm. The worst thing you can do is get too agitated and get yourself detained or arrested because you’re fighting for your freedoms.

Instead, remember that your fellow Americans may just be misguided. It's your responsibility to educate them properly about what decisions they can make to retain their own freedoms in the long term.

1. Be Prepared to Move

The US may be moving to a more fragmented type of country, with individual States having drastic differences in terms of their legal responsibilities, rights, and freedoms. It's already becoming clear that patriots hold more rights in Texas and Florida than they do in California or New York.

Because of this, you should be prepared to move yourself and your family if at all possible. This is easier said than done, especially if your work is tied to your local community or area.

Still, if you want to hang onto your rights, you need to be willing to work for them. Be prepared to stay in the US but to switch your state of residence if you want to ensure your freedoms are not eroded in 2022 and beyond.

Ultimately, the political landscape will continue to change as the years pass.

But following these strategies can go a long way toward securing your rights and ensuring your freedoms both for the rest of your life and the lives of your grandchildren.

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

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