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5 Ways Donald Trump is a Success

Posted by Dan Jacobs on

There is no doubt that President Trump is one of the best presidents to ever grace the oval office. His strength, determination, and resilience is something out of a superhero movie.

To kick all the fake news outlets in the teeth, let's count down 5 of the many reasons why 45 is a massive success.

5. Tax Cuts




Just as promised in his campaign, President Trump has stimulated the economy massively with just speaking of his tax cuts.

Planning to cut the corporate rate to 21%, this excellent idea has business owners excited and fueled records in the stock market.

4. Economic Strength




The GDP has grown by more than 3% for 2 quarters in a row, a record among previous presidents.

Not to mention that according to the New York-based Conference Board, consumer confidence is at the highest level in 17 years.

3. Deregulation = Less Government



In just his first few years, Trump has cut 67 Obama-era regulations, and only added three new rules.

This rollback on government regulations ignited business confidence, stock market growth, and economic activity.

2. Immigration




This past August, illegal border crossing arrests dropped 41% on the Southern border.

His revolutionary border wall has gained massive support and is an excellent solution to an ongoing devastating problem.

1. Public Education



The youth of our country is the future of our country, and no one understands this more than 45.

He has given the green light to school choice programs across the country, deregulating government-controlled education systems.


What else has Trump done that we should have included?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, together we can Make America Great Again!

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  • We went from the worst president the world has ever seen, to the best and he is making progress in leaps and bounds! He has saved this country from another civil war!

    Jack Simpson on

  • Greatest President of all time. Donald J. Trump 2020. KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

    Roger Ward on

  • Trump is the best President we have ever had VOTE TRUMP 2020.

    Bobby Forester on

  • Trump is the best President we have ever had VOTE TRUMP 2020.

    Bobby Forester on

  • I love what President is doing for us the people. Support. respect him. 2020 here we come! :)

    Sue Reizenstein on

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