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5 Times Antifa Proved Their Stupidity

Posted by Justin on

Antifa has often been called the counterpart to right-wing extremism.

But it doesn’t take much examining to see that Antifa is a unique kind of stupid. 

They’re not even in the same league as other dedicated political groups in either their organization, or protest methods. 

Let’s break down the top five times Antifa – the so-called “anti-fascists” – proved their stupidity to the nation at large:

5. No Fascists To be Found

Despite Antifa’s namesake goal, they were unable to find any actual fascists to fight when they attempted to incite violence at a “Unite the Right” rally in Washington DC!  

Since they couldn't find any of their sworn enemies, they instead decided to harass reporters by smashing cameras and using physical violence to bully people who stood up to them.

4. Fire Feet – You Get What You Ask For!

Perhaps nothing shows the stupidity of Antifa better than the aptly-named “Fire Feet Guy”.  

In a nutshell, some Antifa idiot threw a Molotov cocktail in Portland after the George Floyd protests had already begun. On the 100th consecutive night of the protests, this moron decided to throw a Molotov cocktail and accidentally lit himself on fire in the process. 

It just goes to show you that most Antifa operators are kids or foolish liberals that don’t actually know what they’re doing.  

While they can be violent, it appears that they may be more of a danger to themselves than anyone else!

3. Attacking the Cops

By this point, everyone should know that it's just plain stupid to attack cops for no good reason… Right? 

Apparently, Antifa still needs to learn this lesson.  

During political rallies as early as 2017, Antifa protesters started attacking police officers and right-wing demonstrators for no good reason at all.  

The result? Tons of Antifa protesters were arrested and no proof whatsoever was shown that fascists were found among Donald Trump’s supporters’ ranks. 

Goes to show, they don’t even know who they’re fighting! 

2. False Flag

Antifa is even dumber than you might think because they frequently attack their own would-be supporters.

As an example, Antifa thugs attacked one of their own, a liberal named Paul Welch.

Check it out below:

Now, Welch had voted for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in both the Democratic primary and general elections – positions we clearly disagree with! 

But in 2018, he attended a right-wing rally and held up an American flag to peacefully protest and discuss his views and disagreements with conservatives.

Antifa, in contrast, decided to try to take Welch’s flag and then attacked him when he refused to hand it over. They didn’t even care when he explained that he had voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election!

1. The Andy Ngo Attack

Perhaps the most infamous example of Antifa stupidity came when they demonstrated precisely how they were the opposite of peaceful.

Andy Ngo, a reporter, was attacked with a brick and other weapons by Antifa thugs multiple times as he observed local protests and tried to discuss politics with left and right-wing participants in 2019.

This was excessively foolish on Antifa’s part, since it called attention to Antifa’s aggressive and demonstrably un-American methods of “protesting”.

It showed the mainstream public that Antifa was far from what they said they were, and subsequently turned most decent Americans against them.

Blinding Stupidity is Hard to Hide

All we can say is; You’re not fooling anyone, Antifa. 

Everyone can see you’re all just bored hoodlums getting jacked up on smashing things, wrecking innocent people’s property and trying to shake the foundations of America’s freedoms.

A word from the wise: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, and we promise you’re not going to like it if you ever get a glimpse of the America you’re supposedly rioting for.

Luckily, there’s a whole heap of true patriots defending our liberties and standing up for the ideals we’ve worked so hard to enjoy, and we’re not going to surrender without a fight. We’re ready.

Thank you for reading, stay strong patriots.



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