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4 Workarounds the Government Will Use to Try to Disarm America

Posted by Justin on

Good luck, tyrants...

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration has moved forward with its blatant disregard for Second Amendment rights.

Although guns are still firmly in the hands of the American people for now, let’s break down 4 workarounds the government may use to try to disarm Americans in the future.

That way, you'll be prepared and know how to respond:

4. Re-Interpretations of the Second Amendment

The government may try to simply reinterpret the Second Amendment, especially since it is pushing for the election of another liberal Supreme Court justice. We all know what the Second Amendment really means, but liberal judges may try to say that it doesn’t mean “bear arms” in the modern sense.

Of course, this is blatantly false, but it won’t stop legal injunctions or claims that law-abiding Americans are breaking the oldest law in the land.

3. Emergency Powers

Alternatively, the Federal Government could try to simply grant Joe Biden and the Executive Branch "emergency powers". With these powers, the President could technically call Americans with guns criminals. We don’t know what would happen under such circumstances, but we do know that the police would be obligated to pick a side in the conflict.

Fortunately, many police departments are loyal to their local communities. We can only hope they would refuse any unlawful orders via emergency powers if push came to shove.

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2. Buyback Offers

The President and liberal Federal Government may also try to entice gun owners with offers of firearm buybacks.

For example, they could offer to purchase firearms for twice the average market value. This would be a trick, plain and simple, and we urge Americans to not listen to it or succumb to it under any circumstances.

For once the Federal Government gets its hands on weapons, there’s no way it would ever give them back. People would have to purchase firearms on the black market, make their own, or get by through other means.

If the Federal Government offers to buy back your weaponry, turn them away – show them that bribery won’t work!

1. Forcible Removal

Lastly, there’s always the chance, however slim, that the Federal Government will try to forcibly remove firearms from the hands of the American people. While this is not likely, we should be prepared for this possibility nonetheless.

Forcible firearm removal would be a dire sign that America was in jeopardy. Should this occur, we recommend regrouping with other patriotic Americans and refusing to give up your guns.

If the government tries to take guns forcibly, we doubt they’d actually make good on their threats since it would mean the start of the second Civil War.

Ultimately, there’s still plenty of time for the government to see sense. Elect the right politicians, talk to your neighbors, and above all else try to reason with people who are hysteric about firearm ownership. In most cases, they are simply misinformed and don’t know the truth about guns or how firearms keep us safe from government tyranny.

Thanks for reading - stay strong, patriots.

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